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Post by DarkWolfKillZ on Sat 14 Sep 2013, 4:33 pm

Lord Death:

A warning to all students and faculty of Death Weapon Meister Academy... We are in grave danger. A staff member of the DWMA has reported a sighting of a dark and terrible beast, beyond the power of a Kishin. This darkness dwells withing an abyss that can only be reached through The Portals. From here on out, that place is forbidden until this power had been vanquished.

This being is from long ago. One of the almighty Gods whose power even surpasses my own. The history of this threat was a horrid tale to tell. Long ago, the very first souls were spawned. Each a power of their own. They lie in every single last soul in the universe. They came from... the Void. You see, the void is the very source of all power and soul. When they link, a Soul Resonance occurs. Each of these souls had linked with each other and with the Void. They unlocked a secret power. They had released the Light and the Dark Spirits. They had entered all of the souls of the Gods, the first souls. They changed. The Light Gods had brought bravery and courage and the Dark Gods brought fear and madness. The Dark Gods had chosen one to lead them, their King. His name... was Chaos. Chaos was the God of destruction and the apocalypse. The Dark Gods took the hearts of the souls of the innocent and induced them with fear. They were driven insane, and they became the followers of the Dark Spirits. The Light Gods felt threatened and despised the Dark Ones because of their plaguing the pure ones. A war had sprouted. The Light Gods and The Dark Gods battled for dominance. In the end, Chaos had been thrust into the depths of Hell where he resides in an eternal slumber. The other Dark Gods were leaderless, they had no leader. They were abandoned. Over the years they had crumbled to dust. The Dark Gods were killed off. This is how the Void had scattered into everybody, as every God always has a piece living, it is impossible to fully kill a Spirit. The Void opened up to every soul, but through those Voids, the Light Spirits as well as the Dark Spirits enter to eternally reside unless rid of their power by an internal battle. I'm afraid, every one of you... contain these Spirits. Every one of you have Darkness in them, and that is why you must assist the Light Spirits inside of you to disable the Darkness in you personally.

But now, the Darkness has won over to many souls. Enough for a spark of life and power to be emanated from the ones who choose the wrong path. And that power enters through the Void and straight to the very soul of Chaos himself, the Dark Lord...

The Dark One has been awoken, and he is reviving The Dark Gods...

To all of the students and faculty of Death Weapon Meister Academy, the universe is in danger. Chaos will destroy every soul that dwells within the Light. Chaos is coming for Death Weapon Meister Academy. He is gathering an army of Kishin Eggs and Kishins. Witches stand by his side as well. The universe will be succumbed by Darkness and we will be no more.

This is our biggest battle yet, we need every resident of Death City to fight. We are greatly outnumbered and overpowered, so I am reaching out to the Great Ones. The most powerful Weapons, Meisters, Sorcerers, Wizards, Rune Masters, and even Witches of Light to join us in battle, and only then do we stand a chance.

Death Weapon Meister Academy... prepare yourselves...

Darkness is coming...

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