Where the Dark Lord Resides. [Storyline]

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Where the Dark Lord Resides. [Storyline] Empty Where the Dark Lord Resides. [Storyline]

Post by Weird Tomatoes on Tue 10 Sep 2013, 9:56 pm

I had made my way to the portals like I was told to by a random stranger, Why did I even come here? Maybe to prove that I am actually nice I think to myself. As I walk up the crumbling stone steps to a circular area. Around the rim of the area where multi-colored voids. They had a stone rim and were swirling. Behind them stretched more portals. Behind those were more. It seemed endless, and it could have been since I had been transported through a portal to get here. Only the wisest can notice it, thats why so many people have gotten lost in here. The moment I took the first step on the stairs I had entered the void of portals. I let my mind tell me where to go as I felt a pull of importance to enter one at this time. I stepped through one of them.
As I realize where I am, I get a sudden rush of heat, Why am I in the middle of nowhere, I think as I notice I was completely surrounded by sand. I stepped forward and all of the sudden, a huge crevice etched into the earth lay before me. I sensed a soul, but I couldnt see it, then it dawned on me... This whole portal was his soul...

A deep rumbling shook the ground beneath me. A roar of power emanating from within the crevice.

Narcisse (Nightmare)= default
Raven= default
Rae= deep blue
Soul= Red
Fox= Purple
No named assassin= This
Samantha= Whatever the bloody Hell this is
Jack Skellington and his pet ghost dog Zero= green
I am not even keeping count anymore, I have cleaned out my list so I am going to make characters for myself again and enjoy having them.
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