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Post by DeaththeKid on Mon 04 Aug 2014, 10:32 pm

Death the Kid Death_the_Kid_by_Vampirella87


Theme Song:


Death the Kid






139 (appears 14-15)


Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson

Love Interest:

Did you think I would tell you? You were mistaken.


I am 169 centimeters tall, and I weigh 57 kilograms. I am thin in build, but muscular. I am extremely flexible. My facial features are average, excluding my eyes. Each eye has a yellow ring surrounding the dark gold ring around my pupil. My skin is very pale and relatively unmarked. My hair is black, with three white stripes going halfway around my head on the left side. I wear a black jacket with white rectangles arranged symmetrically over a white dress shirt. At the collar of my shirt I wear a silver pin shaped like a skull. On each middle finger, I wear one skull-shaped silver ring. I wear black dress pants and black shoes. My appearance is always neat, put-together, and symmetrical, keeping with my aesthetic.

Soul Description:

My soul is red in color, and has three white stripes going halfway around on the left side, indicating my Sanzu lines.


I am generally calm and collected. I take my responsibilities as a Shinigami and as my father's (Shinigami-sama's) successor very seriously. However, when put under excessive stress or fear, I can become irrational and panicked, even angry. Usually, I can control my emotions very well. I am neither introverted nor extroverted. I care deeply about the safety of my friends. I am loyal and would sacrifice my life for those I care about.


My history is my business.


Marksmanship, Gun Meister Skills, Skateboarding, Shinigami's Powers, Shishin Taijutsu.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

When my Sanzu Lines connect, my powers increase to those of a fully developed Shinigami. I can access new amounts of force and can channel my Soul Wavelength through Liz and Patty with greatly multiplied power.


I believe strongly in the importance of symmetry. When both the left and right sides of something are the same, I am content. That is why I use two pistols in combat, and why I detest the lines in my hair. Symmetry is the key to balance, perfection, and order. My favorite number is 8, for its symmetry. When an enemy is symmetrical, I cannot fight it, in fear of ruining its symmetry. I also will not use any weapon if I don't have two of them. I cannot use only Liz or only Patty to fight. Then my physical symmetry is decreased, if not nonexistent. I believe that symmetry upholds order and holds back Madness and chaos.

Have You Read the Rules?

A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body.

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