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Look at Appearance for Human Form

Luna Kiraku [Unfinished] Flaming_sword_by_dlm1980-d4crcji

Kiraku, Lunaria

Assassin of the night
Flame witch

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Weapon Form:
Flaming Sword

She is fast and agile. She is also extremely intelligent and comes up with strategies quickly. She can use fire magic. She has loyal friends who will help her out when needed. Her fighting style is Pressure point, and she uses kicks.

Water, as her magic is fire. She isn't physically strong, at all. She will over exert herself in order to protect her friends and will not hesitate to die for them.

Meister: Mary Prevo (Member of Star Clan)

Love Interest: No one yet.

She has long auburn hair that goes down to her knees, pale white skin, crimson red eyes, she wears a black sleepless shirt with the sleeves attaching to the bottom of wear her arm connects with her shoulder. She also wears black cargo pants. She is 5'1 and weighs 102 pounds.

Soul Description:
Her soul is light green with a tint of crimson red and has a white aura. Is surrounded by thin flames.

Kairi is a kind girl, and enjoys helping others. She may seem air-headed at times. Such as when she's around others, or when she just wants to see someone's reaction to something, but in reality, she isn't. She is incredibly smart and prefers brains over brawn. She trusts very few people completely. She trusts different people with different things. She smiles a lot, but in combat she often keeps a straight face unless she's toying with her enemy to buy time or something. She prides herself on her friends and strategies. On the outside she often acts like happy girl and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. She will put herself in danger to save any of her friends. She hides her feelings from people when she's sad, saving them for when she's alone. She doesn't want to change how people may view her, unless it's a view she doesn't want people thinking of her as. She's very stubborn, shown when someone asks her to do something, depending on whether she's interested or not, is when she'll actually listen/do it. She isn't in the habit of doing what many people ask of her, unless she see's value in it.

Lunaria was born from a fox themed witch and one of the most wanted criminals, a mass murder on his way to becoming a Kishin. As soon as she could walk, here mother taught her to fight without anything but her feet and hands. She was then taught fire magic, as that was her ability from being a half-witch. Anytime she disobeyed her mother would throw her into a pit of poisonous animals. After a year or two, she became mostly immune to poison. When she killed the animals, her mother began to beat her with whatever she wished. Her father was found and killed by DWMA shortly after she was born. Her mother blamed her child for this. When Luna turned 6, she was sent on missions by her mother, such as murder and soul-collecting. After a year or two, her mother would send her on missions to obliterate entire villages, not allowed to let a single person live. Most of the time, the remains or any survivors in the village would burn, as she would light the entire village on fire simply to erase the evidence. One of her aliases is because she often only attacked at night, when most of the village was asleep and her fire shone it's brightest. When she refused to kill the last survivor of a village, because they were a small child, her mother punished her. She had previously killed all the poisonous animals in the pit, so she would be injected with all kinds of stuff, most of it would disappear in her blood as it was only meant to harm her. When she realized she was a weapon and that she could most likely escape from her mother, that's what she did. Anytime she would go into a village, those who recognized her would call her a flame witch. She wasn't a witch, but because of her flame magic, she sure seemed like one. The only survivor, that one little girl, had apparently told many people what this flame witch looked like, but soon people forgot and only remembered her by the fire she had left behind. She decided to live alone, in a forest. Where no one could accuse her of anything, nor could any one harm her. She met her Meister, Mary here. Mary was a member of star clan and she was well on her way to attack a village.

She can use fire elemental magic. She can turn into a sword at will and will use her agility with her fire magic when her Meister is unavailable. She will create strategies at a moments notice and they often work out as planned. She is also really good with kicks and pressure point fighting style.

Soul Resonance Abilities:


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