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Stella stands about seven foot five in height, she is unusually thin often appearing anorexic (When this is by far the exact opposite) one of her more notable features is her face, it's very feminine in shape with a pale complexion with the occasional small outbreak of acne (As per a usual teenager) she is often wearing a large amount of make-up with black lipstick, dark eye shadow, and so on, she has deep purple eyes that often appear sad, along her tall slender body there are markings similar to that of the markings seen on Black Star when in enchanted sword mode, but hers are permanent. Often times she's wearing a long black trench coat that's decorated with various metal pieces, her outfit while out of her trench coat consists of a black tank top, a pair of black skinny jeans supported by a belt filled with various little trinkets and what not, and normally she wears steel toed boots (Perfect for ass kicking right?) and if she takes them off she always has a pair of black socks, she will very rarely ever take off her socks, her hair is a long shaggy mess of grey and black hair, her black strands are connected all across her hair.

Stella is a very lonely girl, she often can be found sitting under a tree reading her depression away, she enjoys the company of others though and normally if she's with a friend she's very happy and chipper despite her intimidating appearance, but often times in battle she's brash and proud never backing away from a fight she keeps herself sustained with fighting. She is also VERY stubborn.

Stella is a banished daughter of a cruel lord in Norway, he banished her for being weak within the grounds she has strong warrior blood coursing through her veins, but her mother lives in New York in a large house, often times she would stay with her mother until she decided to run away to Germany at the age of eleven there she had a variety of adventures that toughened her up and made her a strong fighter until she was nineteen.

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