Lady Arachne has a child?

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Lady Arachne has a child? Empty Lady Arachne has a child?

Post by Spider's_Bite_123 on Sun 08 Mar 2015, 10:41 pm

okay in this my character Danielle is a witch and Arachne's daughter. the characters i am mainly looking for are the ones hunting her(the group from the DWMA) or someone in the forest where she lives she is blind but can sense vibrations in the ground because she never wears shoes. TO THE PROMPT

*the short girl was walking around in the forest she knew she was being hunted and thought she could handle herself, she thought no one was around so she started to practice her majick. She sighs as she is very lonely because she has no friends other than Girico and Mosquito and her mother, other than that she is alone.*


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