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Post by Ukari Len on Tue 13 May 2014, 4:36 pm

Name:Shirimi kagame

Aliases:The Bullet Queen



Weapon Form:Assault Rifle,Sniper rifle, Uzi

Strengths:Speed, Great at a range, quick resonance

Weaknesses:Weak, bad up close

Meister:None as of yet would love to get one!

Love Interest:.....[no comment]

Description/Appearance:a blonde girl who barely talks....quick to changing and understands a situation before anyone else gets the chance......she has blue eyes and is 4'9"

Soul Description:Rather large for her forms its pink and looks like a sun

Personality:kind hearted and very analytical

History:a member of a gang killed by blackjaw the kishin...not much is known about her except that this gang was a crew of weapons

Abilities:she can turn into multiple weapons like tsubaki....unlike tsubaki shes limited to ranged weapons....her assault rifle is great for taking out groups the sniper rifle is great for hitting foes from a large distance.....her uzi form is mid ranged evasive form

Soul Resonance Abilities:headhunter stance:allows her meister(if she had one) to become faster more evasive and their eyesight is increased....

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