Martyn Deville

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Martyn Deville

Post by Linxy on Tue 29 Apr 2014, 11:39 pm

Sorry, couldn't find a fitting picture, please read his description.

No video, sorry peps.

Theme Song: Mother by Danzig


Deville, Martyn


The Modern Samurai






Not extremely particular, but hopes for a katana

Love Interest:

No one currently.


A blonde haired kid standing at a modest 5' 3, with crimson red eyes that make you feel like he's staring right at your soul. Wears a black/white checkered hoodie jacket (the hood is usually covering his face.) that's unzipped partially covering a red t-shirt with a yin yang symbol over his chest. Khaki jeans, and military boots. Always carries around with him a normal samurai katana, the red sheathe strapped to his back.

Soul Description:

Bright red protrusions resembling a demon's tail, and a floating halo.


Tends to scare others off unintentionally due to his schizophrenic tendencies often talking to someone who doesn't seem to be there or having odd mood swings. He cares a lot about people,  but never has the chance to truly show this.


He never knew his parents. the closest he ever came to them was meeting a man whom trained his father in solo combat, of which he grew up with. His father was a sword maker, and he spends most of his time tracking down all of his masterworks. The sword he carries with him only one of many, the closest thing to family he has.


Can see souls.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

Lost Swords: Raining Blades, Lost Swords: Blade Gaurdians, Father's Final Blade.


Theorized by Stein that perhaps a second soul exists with Martyn that creates his "other half". Sometimes his two personalities argue; can disrupt soul wavelength, leave him defenseless.

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Re: Martyn Deville

Post by Tiggy69 on Thu 01 May 2014, 7:09 pm

just one thing this is a non canon roleplay so there is no stein maka soul or the such

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