The Soul Feaster

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The Soul Feaster

Post by Guest on Thu 25 Jul 2013, 11:54 pm

The Soul Feaster



Is a male but can't be told by sight.

this creature used to be normal until it got the taste of a soul in it's mouth, which caused the creature to go into an all out eating fit. It got to the point where Lord Death sent a meister of old to end it, but the creature had already awakened to it's powers so the meister merely cursed it to make it so that it could get souls easy. But little did the meister know that the powers of the creature twisted the curse so now the creature can never die but is stuck as a skeleton. So after a few years of slow eating, the creature decided, with it's knowledge still fully intact surprisingly, to lay low and take a neutral stand and take the side it felt like taking.

this creature has the ability to control any shadow, even within a person, and change it's shape and use it however it pleases, for frontal attacks, it uses armor and weapons made of shadow, for assassinations it takes a shadow within the person and stabs it through their heart, and finally for escapes it can teleport anywhere there is a shadow. Also regenerates slowly over time. Also he can take the pain and injuries of others, restoring them to perfect health, but having all the damage inflict him.

have you read the rules:
A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body.

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