The Harbringer of Pestilence

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The Harbringer of Pestilence

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Name: Marie Delaois

Aliases: The Harbringer of Pestilence, The Fear.

Gender: Female.

Age: Looks 19, Is 17.


Not Applicable.

Animal Form:

A Massive Black Dragon.

Love Interest:



In her human form, She looks like a 19 year old woman. She usually has a cloak on. Her hair is black and a mix of red, and her eyes are green. Her cloak is brown, and tattered. She has an hourglass figure.

In her Dragon form, She is a massive black dragon. Her wings are slightly tattered. Her eyes are orange. Her scales seem to be very hard.

Soul Description:

A soul that looks like pure fire, and would burn you if you touched it.


She isn't very forgiving. She loves to play with people, and talk to them. When she is happy her personality changes. She would be fun-loving at this time, and mostly fun to be around.

When she is in her dragon form, All applies above except when she's happy. She is slightly more violent when she is a Dragon.


Marie was always a Witch, from the moment she was born. A powerful spirit merged with hers when she was born. When she was a teenager, she had her first love. Him and her went on their first date. One didn't come back. The man had tried to beat her. She killed him. Marie regretted that. If she could have stayed in control of herself she would have had a better life. The man was the mayor's son. The mayor demanded her death. She ran away from the city, Killing multiple people. She then became a dragon, when she left the town. This was the first time. The people were scared of her. She felt good. Marie fled into the mountains, practicing magic in general for many years. She became a master at the arts of Magic. She then left from her cave that she lived in for so long, and decided to do something with her life. She couldn't use her magic in the mountains, alone..


Raise Dead - She raises the dead and turns them into her minions.
Fireball - A Fireball.
Transformation - Changes into a Dragon. Happens randomly sometimes.
Freeze - Freezes the target for a very short time.
Soul Sword - Creates an ethereal sword.
Soul Shatter - A spell that drains the user's energy immensely. It shatters a piece off of the enemy's soul.
Firestorm - Makes small meteors rain from the sky, lighting things on fire.
Last Resort - A very dangerous spell that is unknown. It has only been used once, by a dead witch.

Eternal Flame - One of her basic attacks, She breathes Green fire onto the area.
Fly - She can fly with her wings.
Marks of the Damned - She stabs her claws into the ground and rips it out by moving her leg in a circle. It leads the Dead to it.
Scale Buff - Her scales are toughened.
Raise Dead - She raises the dead and turns them into her minions.


Not at the moment.

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