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Name: Fulmination, Lukas

Aliases: Sparky, bug zapper Lukas

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Partner: N/A

Animal Form: Raiju pup:
Lukas fulmination  Thunder_dragon___raiju_by_hallowblu-d5qeitl

Love Interest: N/A

Description/Appearance: Lukas has a slim athletic build, his body being fairly smaller then most though. His skin being lightly pale but with just a hint of color to it showing his there for lack of very much exposure to sunlight. his hair being just long enough to reach his eyes, Is a light brown normally left very natural not normally needing to much maintenance thanks to its soft and smooth nature. Normally needing to be seen threw his hair if not parted can be seen his very peculiar set of eyes. When being watched his eye colors begin to natural shift from one color to several other colors with in hours. his face being chiseled and mature making him a fairly handsome fellow  

Soul Description: A fairly basic light green sphere baring a representation of a witches hat that is at a constant twitching motion.

Personality: a Fairly outgoing individual, He always enjoys conversations with new people to learn about them and there back ground. having a very mellow and happy-go lucky few on life and his situation. Because of this he often finds himself lounging about enjoying the weather and surrounds making normally seem fairly lazy to others of his kind. Being a more peculiar witch he often finds himself very neutral to what is there "natural enemy" and tends to avoid conflict from both sides when possible. Thanks to his people loving he has become a rather large romantic and womanizer.

History: Lukas grew up in a small village in the depths of a German fairy forest among a small Tribunal of witches and the like. being so close to witches sparked his awakening of his ability very soon into his young life. A tad bit scared and confused the eldest of the witch's took him under her kind all be it more sadistic wing. Using him as if he was a Slave to do manual labor around her house every day to teach him discipline along with patience for her teachings to come in his later years. Threw the years of her "teachings" he became a fairly fit individual by the age of 12. Those because of this she began teaching the ways of natural magic, Knowing among the styles controlling free forming phenomena put a strain on the full body. For the next few years after his 12th birthday, his true training was a excruciating hell thanks to his truly sadistic teacher with her favorite teaching tool being her cattle whip. After surviving for 3 years of the training he had begun seeing the truest form of his magic being that of a lightning. After there discovery of this his teacher began the next and final stag of her training, Banishing him to the outside world She knew he would be forced to evolve on his own so that he could become a fantastic magic user. Almost proud of her cunning she left him with the objective of " return when you amount to something". Cast out of the only home he knew he found himself wondering the world not knowing anything truly about the outside world besides the small stories around the village. He began his mission of "making something of himself" or what ever that meant. Now in present days he finds himself wondering the world trying to find the way to make something of himself by jumping on any interesting way possible.


Thunder palace: Creating a palm size Thunder cloud he will release it into the air, expanding as it flies up it engulfs the skyline for a large area above lukas allowing him to cast all of his lightning based spells.
(note if activated in a enclosed area it fills the room.  

Zeus's bolts: Conjuring A massive bolts of lightning to his hand he will us them as basic projectiles against his enemies.

Gods Wind: Bringing his storms lightning into himself he will super charge his body allowing great speed for sort bursts clearing fairly large size areas in no time. the only down fall of this being he has to use his bursts in almost excruciatingly short bursts  as a prolonged charge will harm his body.

Raiju's claws : Bringing a large amount of lightning into his hand hecan either infusing them with it, he can perform major blows to his opponents with his brute strength and the Majesty of lightning or "solidify" the bolts of lightning so that they can give him more range for his melee attacks when needed.
(note if caring a weapon of any kind this infusion is passed on to it instead)

Basic ability's:

Flight: threw the use of his broom he is able to fly threw the air much like a bird.

Portal Manifestation: He is able to form a portal at his leisure to the witch's realm.



  • Long meals
  • conversations
  • people of all shapes and sizes


  • Extremely rude individuals
  • unneeded work
  • His tail when he is in he animal form being played with.

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