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Post by GhostChrismen on Thu 29 May 2014, 1:06 am

David Link Chrismen

(David with a cat)
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(David as a Weapon)
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Being both Melee and Ranged is a plus. A way with words.

His fear of Heights, Guns, swords, Scythes, falling, spikes, spells, starving, exhaustion, being crushed, scared to death, being eaten, the list goes on.  

Physical Description
David is fairly 6"8, With black messy hair. He wears hipster glasses, a black T-shirt with nothing written on it, and jeans with various symbols and styles on the pockets and legs. He weighs about 160 Lbs. He looks Tall and slim, sometimes wearing a grey and Black jacket if the weathers bad. ( Maybe it's cold? Suspect)

Soul Description
A small light cyan soul with a 'tail' like his hair. Small purple streaks orbit the soul. The 'face' is depressed and wears soul glasses.

He is kind, caring, nice, charismatic,  questioning himself for being evil, and Depressed at times.

Cooking, Cleaning, writing quickly, learning fluently  

David's mother was a witch and father was a human, meeting each other in an assignment to his father at the DWMA. (But thats another story) David grew up normally in Death city but without a father, as he died of poison before david was born. He would walk to the market with his mother and get food, clothes, and potions. He and his mother would go to the park, or bake something, or go talk to friends. One day he joined the Death Weapon Meister Academy, were he learned Witches are evil and must be slain. After 3 months in the academy he would walk home to find a weapon and meister had killed his Mother. He killed them both with a knife and broken glass. He then decided to eat there souls, and run away from Death City. After 4 long years in an old town he once lived in, he moved back to Death City to find his home still there. He decided to return to the DWMA, still with the vague sense that he's evil. No one knows of his past, not even Lord Death himself.


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A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body

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