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Name: Dakr Mist

Gender: Male.

Age: 20 (body quite aging when he died five years ago)

Description/Appearance: A 5'10 half human / undead ( revenant ) Gothic monk. Who as a mask rapping around his head and part of his neck. a
He has a demonic gem magically imbedded in his forehead giving him demon blood and power. Having a piercing in his nose, a sex collar around his neck, his body is always in an anorexic state of being. As he where's a dark see though long sleeved halve shirt that is burnt at the rims around the sleeves. It usually cover's up the scar over his heart also his sleeves end at his finger tips. He never put's on any shoes but as he always dressed in a very long dark skirt that matches his shirt. Note that only his shirt is see though.

Partner/Owner: his sister Gorgon Mist

Soul Description: his soul swirling of blackish purple and a light blood red color it looked as if parts of where burning off like embers in a fire with a ominously deadly look to it. (When insane the embers burning off his soul turn into rain and fall down upon him.)

Personality: Smart, cunning, honest, playful, destructive, lustful, caring and cold at times He can be a very many things but two things that never changes is his insanity and good heartedness. Continually making his everyday life a internal war for self control or a bloodthirsty release.
(Prone to fits of insanity that scare even his sister Gorgon who is the only one that can calm him. Turning ruthless, sadistic, homicidal, suicidal, brutal, and unpredictable.)

History: He wasn't always a creature of death. At one time he was a living human person. Who just should have let the past be in the past. His regret and need to have his own actions accounted for ended in his own madness. I thing he will always remember is his sisters crime against him. Which made his madness spread even faster. But he never wanted to hurt anyone after seeing the same pain in their eyes has he felt. One day he told his family of his sister's forbidden dominance over him. That led to his exile from his home and town. Then hunted down and killed by his own sister that his dominance leading to his now undead state of living.

Extremely enhanced durability
Is undead(still able to die)
Magical demonic left eye stolen from his sister (allows him to see the soul of others in addition to being able holding the weapon form of Gorgon Mist and forming a soul resonance with her)
Black blood (only ability gained from the black blood is a slow tissue regeneration. [equaling month turning into weeks and weeks into hours])
Secret self made and Family Kata: Dying Puppet(self) / Graveyard Mist(family)

Other: Can not hold any living weapon other than his sister Gorgon Mist.

Have You Read the Rules?
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

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