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Post by CaptainKumatora on Fri 06 Dec 2013, 6:11 pm

Human form: http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/9500000/Ryunosuke-Miyaji-starry-sky-9512225-2560-1519.jpg (Sorry for the link, I couldn't get the image to work)
Weapon Form:Damian Kaxman AMT_Lightning_302599

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Name:  Damian Kaxman

Gender: Male
Age: 19

Weapon Form: AMT Lightning pistol.

Meister:  Lucifer Drekavac

Description/Appearance: Damian stands around 5'11" at full height. He is most often seen with his black overcoat, white dress shirt, black undershirt, red tie, and jeans. He does not have a particularly muscular build, he is more built for speed and agility but he can definitely hold his own in a fight, the proof lies in the number of people he has sent to their graves.

Soul Description: Dark green soul with white eyes and a small tie.

Personality:  While he takes what he does seriously he isn’t afraid to make a joke or two. He knows what must be done when he goes on a mission and does everything in his ability to do it. Though he is determined he still has a humorous personality, cracking jokes, sometimes at others expense. He won’t go out of his way to make someone who doesn’t like him feel differently; he doesn't really care of other opinions on him besides those who are close to him.

History:  Damian was born in a small town, a rather uneventful one. He had a fairly happy childhood, a few bullies would bug him but he could deal. It remained rather peaceful until that day. Tension had been stirring in the town and the friction eventually caused a spark that lit the violence ablaze. A riot broke out with everyone sent into a state of panic. People were dying left and right so Damian tired to work his way out of the city but he couldn’t do it alone. He met a boy that seemed a little older than him, Lucifer Drekavac. Lucifer didn’t try to kill him so they decided to work together to escape the city. They eventually got out but they had killed more people than a few kids should have to.  The event had left the two off them with a blood stained view of humanity, a cruel outlook. People are animals so who cares which of them get's wiped out next? This outlook and the pursuit of quick profit led them to hired assassinations as they grew older. They trained day in and day out so they could do it and eventually started doing targeted killings.

Abilities: Skilled in hand to hand combat. Good at making real friends and fake friends to lull prey into a sense of security. Good with a knife. Agile and fast. Can be stealthy when necessary.

Soul Resonance Abilities: When the souls of Damian and Lucifer are merged, things like so are created: Incendiary Rounds, Hardened Rounds (One .22 round is made from full steel which holds a capsule which contains thousands of pounds of kinetic energy capable of ripping ones head off their shoulders).

Other/Miscellaneous: Has a pet scorpion named "Conscience" which usually rests on his shoulder, sometimes in his pocket when there is a lot of danger.

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