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Post by Weird Tomatoes on Wed 18 Sep 2013, 12:19 pm

Amber (Meldamiriel) Anime_girl147

Amber (Meldamiriel)




A pair of gauntlets and some throwing knives/Tomahawks

throwing things, hand to hand combat, sneaking, and deception

Metal and gasses

Put Crush here (optional)

Put BF/GF here (optional)

see that picture I have above? well then now add on s bottom half of a beautiful woman who is wearing elvish clothes and there you go.

Very kind and also very knowledgeable, yet also not all that trusting in people.

Amber was once part of an elvish community that kept their existence a secret from everyone else in order to stay safe. When Amber was at the age of 3, she started to learn how to fight and throw knives and Tomahawks effectively. After a few years of this training and she became one of the best fighters in her village and even learned a lot of secret techniques that the village had. When she was 7, a huge army of humans attacked the village and waged war with the elves. They were not expecting it so they had to try and get people to flee or fight. Amber was told to protect the head council to the best of her abilities with the other top fighters and killers. After a few hours of waiting, a huge group of the army barged into the room and demanded their heads, riches, and secrets. Amber and the best fighters managed to hold off a lot of the fighters and kill a lot of them. Soon Amber was the only fighter left and was going on a mass killing spree when one person slipped by and killed all of the elders. When this happened, she broke down and couldn't fight anymore. The humans violated her and left the markings on her face to make her remember what happened for as long as she lived. After a few years of just lying there and gathering food and drink to live, she heard a whisper in her head telling her to come to the portals. She did so and navigated her way through the portals to find that Chaos had called the darkness in her heart and she had no will to oppose it. So she joined Chaos as a spy and the only one to know of her past. She was then told to join the Hidden Clan to get resources in order to survive and such. She did so then returned back to the portals to wait for someone to come so she could do her duty as a spy.

How Your Character Has Become Affiliated With The Hidden Clan
Chaos told her to join them for resources.

Elves don't have a lifespan, but can be killed like any other human.

Have You Read the Rules?
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

Narcisse (Nightmare)= default
Raven= default
Rae= deep blue
Soul= Red
Fox= Purple
No named assassin= This
Samantha= Whatever the bloody Hell this is
Jack Skellington and his pet ghost dog Zero= green
I am not even keeping count anymore, I have cleaned out my list so I am going to make characters for myself again and enjoy having them.
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