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Arc Guander.





Weapon Form
.44 Magnum revolver

When not in weapon form, when fore-finger and middle finger are put together, can turn them into the gun barrel and his thumb into the hammer of the weapon and is able to fire.

Uncanny ability for the cylinder to stop turning while in weapon form, making him unable to fire until turned back into human form.

Arc has short black hair and wears a blue hoodie, jeans and a pair of black leather boots. He is not very muscular but quick on his feet. His height is slightly over average.

Soul: Arc Guander. Img00610

Arc is willing to make friends with anyone and everyone, not being at all picky about people. When fighting, he will put his life on the line to protect what he stands for, turning into human form and fighting the enemy himself if the meister is down. When you get to know him, he is kind and is smart, able to think quickly under pressure as well. He will never back down, no matter what, even if it does endanger his life, due to his pride.

He discovered he could turn into a weapon, when his home was attacked by a robber. The armed robber had started attacking his parents, when he outstretched his hand and pointed at the robber to get his attention, his hand had turned into a gun, with which he then shot the attacker. After what had happened, he joined DWMA to learn how to control and use his power.

Soul Burn. Use his soul wavelength to put fire onto the enemy soul, slowly sapping it of power. If used on an object without a soul, it will burn the object instantly.

Soul Resonance Abilities
Dragon Blast. (Described within Arcs first day thread.)

Have You Read the Rules?
A Sound Soul, resides within a Sound mind and a Sound body.


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