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Jenkilon, The Boomerang-Blade Empty Jenkilon, The Boomerang-Blade

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Weapon Character Sheet:

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Weapon Form
A large boomerang bladed along all exterior side edges



Very strong willed, will often use himself as a shield for any member of his team. More often than not, his own messier

Absolutely useless on his own. Once he has been separated in a battle he is almost certainly dead

In human form, Jenkilon has a very pale complexion. He has straight long black hair and wears the same Baggy black T-shirt and sweat pants every day. About 6" tall and has green eyes
In weapon form jenkilon is a boomerang about 5" in vertical length, with a bladed edge to quickly cut through enemies he is throw at. The weapon form also has a single handle in the top part of one of the surfaces, so that a meister can throw him without cutting themselves
Jenkilon is a very passionate and sensitive person. He will put everyone else before himself in a fight. Even off the battle field Jenkilon tries his hardest to make sure that everyone is well.

Jenkilon was the first and only son of the Weapon Angela (A longarm pike) and Meister Sven. Growing up Sven taught Jenkilon many things about battle, But was often unsuccessful. Jenkilon often tried used his own mother to destroy small training dummies his father would create for him, but instead would cut at the supports to the house or make holes in their lawn. As time drew near Jenkilon realized he was not a Meister like his father, Rather a weapon like his mother. The moment he discovered this Jenkilon set out for the DWMA to further his training, and find a meister of his own.
(Yea this kinda sucked. Sorry.)

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Character sheet
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