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Shigehito, Akimoto


Aki-chan (by his family) , Aki-san, Megane-ki, tsundere-hime (by his classmates)





Weapon Form:

A naginata, a traditional Japanese halberd-ish spear, with black hilt and silver blade, with a white rose plastered on the end of the hilt.


He is easier to use in short-range combat. Good for throwing at targets. Capable in fighting when in partial transformation. Quite good in martial arts like naginatajutsu and capoeira. Easier to manage in one-on-one fights. Good for those with great aim. Will not decrease meister's movement.


Not that easy to use in long-range combat. Not good for those without good aims. Hard to pierce or stab target unless the meister is near enough with targets. Hard to injure target fatally without enough blade-to-skin contact, unless if thrown to the neck. Not for people without good flexibility. Needs a lot of contact to injure target to death.


None yet

Love Interest:


Akimoto has black hair that is combed neatly like some honor student stereotype guy, a pair of dark brown eyes.. he has fair skin. He also has black stud earrings on his ears. His height is 68.3 (in inches) and 134 (in pounds). His clothes are mostly monochrome-colored, though his favorite is a striped black and white T-shirt, matched with a black cardigan, a pair of black jeans and black and white checker sneakers. He wears a pair of metallic black glasses.

Soul Description:

His soul is a calm one, black in color, with a large white rose at the top and white thorns snaking around it.


Akimoto is a total mold of what you would expect an honor student to be. Note here; he's not impressively smart or anything, he's just another member of a quite well-known family lineage of weapons and meisters, so, he had been trained since childhood with strict discipline. He's a serious and cold guy, and he tends to glare at people sometimes. But deep down, he's terribly shy, so the reason he glared at people is to cover up for his shyness. This had caused his friends back in Japan to call him, "tsundere-hime". He's kind to the ones he knew from a long time, though. He's also not that kind to his meister at first, but will be soon after. He's also quite the perfectionist, and this had seemed to seem like an OCD when it is actually not because he'll freak out if he feels that it's not perfect, even when his glasses are slightly crooked. However, how distractable he is because of this, he'll get serious in fights and battles, and will give his full concentration to the fight. Because of the lifestyle he's used to, he's quite the silent, stoic person, and you could actually say he's an introvert. He also takes rules seriously. He hates it when any of his brothers is mentioned into the conversation, and he's certainly not that charming guy of a novel.


Akimoto is the youngest of the Shigehito family, a traditional Japanese family with most of the family members being a meister or a weapon. (Some of them had been in yakuza groups for quite a time) Being in this family requires him to show the most and surpass the achievement of previous family members, especially his brothers, and one of them is even actually involved in protecting the Japanese side when the Kishin spreads his terror over the globe. Stressed of the tight rituals, rules and discipline set by his grandparents, which is now the highest and most honoured member of the family, he was determined to enter the legendary Shibusen / DWMA, to prove everyone he could achieve the same of his brothers, even though he's not as fast-developed as the three of them, and you could actually say, in the Shigehito-ish demands, he's just another person with average skills, even if his combat skills is not that mediocre.

Tired of being compared to his brothers, he was excited (even his face is not showing so) to attend the DWMA when he got that letter, and is looking forward to reach his goal. He is just another guy in the family, trying to prove himself better than others. Yeah, sorta like Ron Weasley. Yeah.


Good in martial arts such as Naginatajutsu and Capoeira. Been tutored since he was a child.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

i) Shiro-Bara

His hilt would shine in a metallic white color and his blade will, well, become slightly bigger. The damage level are increased, and rather than killing one Kishin egg, could kill twice as much when in usual form - in this form. Basically? He's twice as stronger.


Akimoto likes cute things and would actually do anything to have them.

Have You Read the Rules?
"A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body."

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