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Post by huleo on Sat 23 Aug 2014, 2:02 am

-Human form drake maderame Anime_character_concept__altered__by_captainlaser-d62jo2l

-Weapon form drake maderame Spikedglove

Name: drake maderame

Aliases: drake

Gender: male


Weapon Form: my form are giant spike like gloves that i turn into.

Strengths: great at martial artist and is great at encouraging others. when in the heat of battle he makes good and wise choices even under pressure. when working with someone close he will always stand by there side and help them

Weaknesses: he gets mad easily and hates to be alone sometimes he also has a bit of an ego which may cause him to get cocky and make some mistakes or so

Meister: don't have one but i would love to have one

Description/Appearance: well he is about 5'7 he is  skinny but not like bone and frail he does have meet on the bones. has about a decent amount of mussel tone. he has a six pack to.

Soul Description: his soul is red with a fiery intense feeling

Personality: drake is a hard headed stubborn man who does not know the meaning of the word give up. he is a hard working you man who tries his best to achieve the best in life. he is arrogant when someone complements him allot and when he hangouts with some one he is really close to him he tries to act cool around him or here and so that he could be on there good side or so

History: n/a he has amnesia he just one day woke up and found about his abilities and such

Abilities: like most weapons he can turn into weapon any time as he wants to and turn parts of his body into a weapon so he can fight much harder

Soul Resonance Abilities: power strike: what happens is the gloves get twice as big and surrounded with a blue aura and blue flames come out from the back allowing his mister to get s peed boost from the flames pushing him forward  to do more serious damage. and if drake concentrate hard enough he could manipulate the flames so they could cover the gloves so he could leave burns on his opponents. to top it off the spikes on the front of the gloves get twice as long and sharp

Other/Miscellaneous: n/a

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