Attack On Titan Jacket vs the Straps

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The Survey Corps Jacket vs The Survey Corps Straps

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Attack On Titan Jacket vs the Straps

Post by DarkWolfKillZ on Thu 21 Aug 2014, 2:49 pm

So my friend and I are attending the NYC Comic Con this year and we are having a heated debate over which piece of clothing on a Survey Corps Soldier is more important to the entire outfit. This is because we are both cosplaying as Attack On Titan characters. I will be Eren Jaeger, and she is Hange Zoe.

I ordered the Survey Corps jacket, and it came in the mail recently so I'm excited about that. My friend had ordered the straps and they are still shipping in.

She believes that the straps are more symbolic, but I strongly think otherwise.

So please vote for what you think is more symbolic.

Hybrid = Default
Shard = Dark Red/Crimson/Satin..........Theme Song; Illuminated by Hurts
Adelaide Tyrian = Purple
Shack = Olive
Hughes = Violet..........Souls = 1
Anna = Dark Green
Carol = White
Jack = Blue Grey

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