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Post by thefandompandabear on Sat 05 Jul 2014, 1:50 pm

-Weapon form picture here

Sky Nightfall Scythe

Name: Sky Nightfall

Aliases: Sky or Sky-lee

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Weapon Form: Is pretty much what it looks like in the picture above but the scythe has a blue metalic hint to it. The ribbons that are tied up around the staff is a deep blue colour.

Strengths: Sky while she lacks in physical strength she is quite useful in making the best choices in the heat of battle and when under pressure. She has a strong sence of loyalty to people close to her and she is also skilled in first aid which helps if someone is injured.

Weaknesses: Sky is quite small so this causes her to blow up at people if they mention it, she also has a really bad temper which can be kept in check most of the time. She also is shy which makes it hard for her to meet new people and learn to trust them. Whilst she has a strong sence of loyalty this could lead to problems as she somtimes lets her loyalty to others blind her actions.


Love Interest:

Sky is quite small and very skinny, she has long brown hair and brown eyes. She often wears dark colours, she tends to wear a black jumper with panda ears on the hood with a purple mini skirt and black knee high combat boots.

Soul Description:
An almost isolated soft green soul which has a warm feel to it.

Sky is quite shy and finds it hard to trust new people due to what happened before she left home. When she gets comfortable with people her personality almost flips, she is still quite shy but becomes more confident and more willing to join in.
She loves Pandas, telling ghost stories and music (like All time low and Peirce the veil) but she has a strong fear of falling from great hights and spiders.

Abandoned at birth Sky has never really had a home. She's moved from house to house with many different types of people, when she was 7 she finaly had a home with two foster parents. Sky being herself had opened up to the "kind" people almost straight away. weeks past and things at home got worse these new parents had started abusing Sky and treating her like a slave, this carried on for almost 9 years untill Sky found out she was a weapon (she had accidently transformed her arm into a scythe) her foster parents were scared of her now so they kicked her out onto the streets, where Sky then decided to find her own home and join the DWMA.

Has a high pain tolerence and is gifted in first aid. She is also very flexable (where that will help her god knows)

Soul Resonance Abilities:
Witch hunter
(This can only be used a few times as it takes large amounts of energy so it is very rare for her to use it) water soul: The ribbons on the staff move to the blade as they turn into ribbons of water then depending on the mood/atmosphere the water will then cover the blade whilst either reaching boiling point (this happens when Sky's tempter has gone or someone she cares for is hurt) or it freezes around the blade for extra damage.

Likes to climb trees.

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