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Post by Cheshire on Tue 01 Jul 2014, 12:22 am

Dexter Lacroix

Dex, Cross



Weapon Form:
A whip blade, also called snake sword.
A sword which has a blade made of lots of sections held by a cable, capable of extending for further reach.

Able to fight alone, close to medium/long range weapon, flexible weapon with 360° attack possibility.

Cable while still hard is vulnerable hurting him if hit strongly, cable can get obstructed disabling it from properly closing back and exposing cable.


Love Interest:

Short straight brown hair and blue eyes.
Typically wears a white t-shirt and blue jeans.
Not really muscular nor tall, rather thin.

Soul Description:
Light blue, eyes looking down with an uneasy face.

Quite shy, avoids crowd and interactions in general unless he knows the person.
Gets extremely nervous in crowds and is almost unable to speak.
Often anxious, almost any reason can make him anxious.
Kind to everyone, even those that doesn't deserve it unless he snaps.
Utmost loyal to those he trusts, though his trust is hard to gain.
Cold, violent and kinda murderous when he snaps.
Doesn't get along that much with other guys.

He was a typical student living a peaceful life in Canada. Going to school and playing video games, living with his family, he appeared fairly normal. Though he was a weapon, he decided to stay and live a normal life until he was caught in the middle of a mission. He helped out the pair big time and was proposed to join the school. A few days later he was leaving for DWMA.

He can move the different sections of the blade thanks to a metal cable tying up all the sections.
Can transform one of his forearms, with or without the hand, up to full the arm and foot up to full leg.
The blade of the body parts replaced can be extended.
Able to apply first aid as his little brother often got hurt and he had to take care of it.
Speaks English, French and a bit Spanish.

Soul Resonance Abilities:
None thought of yet.

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A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

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