Erin Burakkurōzu

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Erin Burakkurōzu

Post by FlooredBodies on Sun 25 May 2014, 1:48 am

Name:Erin Burakkurōzu

Aliases:Black Rose



Weapon: (in need of partner)

Love Interest:None yet

Description/Appearance: Is pale skinned, slim, but muscular with short messy black hair, and dons a white hooded jacket with the sleeves rolled up, with a black t shirt and black and grey striped scarf that covers his mouth. he also wears jeans with a silver DWMA insignia necklace. he always has a neutral expression on his face, except when really emotionally charged

Soul Description: He has a grey soul with a Jagged mouth covering, and two neutral black eye dots, its tail is short and hair messy

Personality: Erin sees everything from a neutral point of view and tends to be the voice of reason. he is quite unemotional and almost standoffish at times, giving stock, bare minimum responses.

History:Grew up in a slightly wealthy family and was always treated well, after falling off of the balcony of his house when he was 7, he suffered minor brain damage, giving him his stock personality. he is incredibly smart tactically, but has a hard time making friends and expressing himself. Alice tete was his childhood friend and weapon, her being only one of a few people able to get more than two words out of him.

Abilities:Erin is incredibly smart in every subject in everything but art and expressive literature. he is very tactical and smart but only of slightly above average strength. he knows several martial arts but uses his own custom fighting style derived from them. his soul wavelength is incredibly strong and is able to channel it into his physical hits much like Black*Star, but mostly through his kicks.

Soul Resonance Abilities:Erin's soul resonance allows him to  make his weapons stronger and sharper, cutting through anything like a hot knife through butter, it also allows him to Retrieve his weapon from a distance if dropped much like the force.

Other/Miscellaneous:Erin was given the nickname Black rose by his parents due to their last name, and from being so emotionally lacking like a black rose

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