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Post by LinaKuroshi on Wed 30 Apr 2014, 9:15 pm

Name:Lina Kuroshi

Aliases:The Demons Hands



Weapon Form:She has a soul strong enough to form two giant hands due to her hatred of kishins (appears in the pic on the girls hands)

Strengths:Great close up physical strength capable of dealing a blow that crushes ribs Defense is pretty good and can charge a powerful attack

Weaknesses:very slow and after charge your vulnerable limited range

Meister:none.....shes been alone ever since she learned she was a weapon

Love Interest:too young to care

Description/Appearance: appears as a little girl with blindfold can be seen in the pic

Soul Description:her soul is gloomy but is strong enough to form two weapons by dividing both her emotions of hate and sadness

Personality:never talks and can figure out a problem faster than a smart kid

History:her family was devoured by kishins in front of her when suddenly she grew a demon hand and crushed the kishins ever since shes been walking alone all over death city looking.......for the one who can fullfill her dreams of destroying every kishin alive

Abilities:Capable of shooting giant fireballs and charging a attack that turns its owner into a comet that dashes forward annihalating everything in its path is capable of fighting without a meister at half power

Soul Resonance Abilities:
Demons Abyss:an attack that delivers a punishing combo of fire filled fists
Blind Justice (mode 2): in turn it delivers a blow to its owners eyesight temporarily but emits a shockwave around her meister (enlarged hands)
Hells Gate (final mode);  the hands grow enormous blades and emit an aura so strong her meister grows wings(size depends on her trust) afterwards it enhances speed and strength

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