Gorgon Mist

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Gorgon Mist

Post by bleach4ever50 on Wed 16 Apr 2014, 2:28 pm


Weapon form

Gorgon Mist


Gender: female

Age: 21

Dakr Mist (brother complex)

None as of yet

She looks more like a kishin egg more than anything else but don’t be fooled by it she not. Having two prolonged and very different horns. As a multitude of scar’s run along her body showing her experiments on herself. Her eye’s at one time being human are no longer so as she replaced them with that of an unknown demon. Like many of her limbs she has very little of her original human body left. With a giant makeshift hand forged from the body of multiple demons coming forth from her right shoulder. Her hands have long since been replaced with lobster like claws. As her legs and feet replaced by that of gorgon which she hunted down because she was named as one.

Like many witches she is very destructive and violent. She is cunning, cruel, brutal, vicious, demented, insane, very intelligent, strong willed, and sneaky.
Though she can be very kind, caring and even at times loving it is only for her brother that she will do so.

As a child she and her brother where very close to each other but when she grew up into her teen years. She became unable to control her lust and forced her brother into the darkest years of his life. After a while she became destructive in her way of life. Making her brother worry about her as she on day told him she didn’t love him breaking his heart. While unknown to her making a deep seated hatred for her at all she did to him grow within his heart. The more time when on the worse her insanity became. Soon she learned of her powers as a witch. That would complement her already discovered powers as a weapon. After that she became involved with demon making deals with them to gain power. She never liked how they gave her a price to pay for them so she made herself a demon slayer. Using her magic to infuse herself with their powers and sometimes their body as well.

Other / Abilities
Can form a symbiosis like bond with dead creatures or people absorbing their body and magic power. (though she can only use a very weaker version then the original)
Black blood (minor enhanced durability and very slow tissue regeneration. [equaling month turning into weeks and weeks into hours])
Demonic strength in her third giant arm just below her original right arm (Gets stronger after each demon killed and absorded into her body)
Graveyard Mist(family kata)
Can only be held by her brother Dakr

Have You Read the Rules?
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

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Dakr Mist
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