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Aros Ukir

Post by Aros Ukir on Tue 25 Mar 2014, 4:58 pm

Theme Song-It's both Coffin and Nobody's Hero, both by Black Veil Brides

Aros Ukir

Surname, Forename
Aros Ukir

Put aliases here
Sora Riku, Xukri, Saxor

Weapon-Cynder Evens

Love Interest:

Alice Feliz


Tall and pale with rings under his eyes due to his insomnia, he simply cannot sleep. He wears a black shirt with the symbol for lord death emblazoned on it normally, it had been bought for him by the woman who taught him all he knew.

Soul Description:
Aros has a soul of kind nature and inconsiderate nature at the same time, his D.I.D. putting basically two different souls within him, one often overpowering another. Never neutral. The first being a bright blue resembling him, the other a dim black.


Aros Grew up on the streets of Death City, a runaway and a castaway, all hating him because he was so strange due to his D.I.D. He naturally grew to hate people and become shut off, not wanting to be friends with anyone until one day he met a kind stranger who taught him right from wrong, and how to wield a dagger with skill in tight spots. He quickly took to thievery and eventually had a run-in with the woman again years later, taking her purse and regretting it.
He quickly learned not to steal from anyone who didn't deserve and was enrolled by the woman into DWMA to learn further and become a meister.
Put personality here
A quick thinking young man capable of making split decisions, but he is D.I.D., thus leading to an alternating personality that is quite the contrary and often second guesses itself. He may not be kind at first but once he is friends with someone he won't be gone easy. Often sadistic and a bit of a masochist.
Martial Arts
Soul Resonance Abilities:
Witch Hunter
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body!

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