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Debroux, Paulette








None yet.

Love Interest:

None yet.


Paulette is a 5 feet and 5 inches tall girl with really pale skin due to her lack of freedom. Her hair is dirty blond and goes to her hips while her eyes are the typical crystal blue blind people own.

She wears a white sleeveless blouse and a black skirt along with black flats. Her hair is also adorned with a butterfly pin one of her maids gifted her.

She is exactly toned but she's surely stronger than she seems due to lots of martial arts training, she is also very agile.

Soul Description:

Paulette's soul is a really pale blue with a small butterfly pin of a darker blue.


Paulette has been a stubborn girl since she was a young child, she doesn't like it when people try to help her or be nice to her because she feels vulnerable, however, she enjoys helping her friends. She enjoys company, but she becomes overwhelmed quickly. She enjoys being alone at times with complete silence.

She's also the type of girl who doesn't care if she breaks a nail, she isn't quite girly but she isn't a complete tomboy. Paulette can sometimes come off as rude at times because she isn't afraid of speaking her mind, but she doesn't tell the truth with bad intentions, on the contrary, she hopes people will take her advice and change.


Paulette has always been a happy kid and she had a nice childhood, she was born and raised in Paris. However, there has always been something about her that's out of the ordinary, she's blind. She was homeschooled her whole life due to her wealthy parents being worried something would happen to their precious only child.

Her parents hired many doctors hoping she could get an eye surgery but, sadly, they all said her eyes were to frail to be put into surgery.

However, her parents knew she was a meister and hired a martial arts instructor in case she had to protect herself one day, she knows Judo, Tae-Kwon-Do and Karate. She also has a great sense of touch and hearing in compensation for her poor eyesight. She can sense someone's distance, speed and even how they feel by just listening to their footsteps or sensing their vibration on the ground.

Anyhow, Paulette always felt isolated from the world, since the only fresh air she had ever breathed was the one from her backyard, this feeling inspired her to train harder and finally convince her parents to let her attend to the DWMA so she could show them she could do something in her life despite her disability. They rejected her idea at first, but she showed them she was able to fulfill her dream by winning an encounter with her own instructor by sending her soul wavelenght trough her feet to the ground and using it like a radar, ability she uses to fight. Her parents were delighted and sent her right away.


Paulette's main ability is to send her soul wavelenght to the ground through her feet and use it as a radar, if she concentrates enough she can see the outlines of buildings and sometimes people.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

Paulett'es speed increases during soul resonance along with her strenght.


Paulette isn't exactly shy, but the only thing close to a friend have been her maids.

She was given her butterfly pin at the age of 9 and her dream has been to see one ever since.

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