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Nickcca Mira Von Vamp

Post by Nickcca on Tue 25 Feb 2014, 8:36 pm

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Nickcca Mira Von Vamp








[tbc] i need of partner

Love Interest:

he is slight Single is a little naive so kinda see as a friend untill you confess your feeling for him


-four feet tall with brown messy hair
-has pale skin which
-his left eye he carry a scar
-He has red eyes
-skinny but well built
- clothing as seen on image since i drew it XD

Soul Description:

Half red and half yellow with one eye looking normal and other eye looking crazy both half tugging at each other for full control


Nickcca is a sweet nature young man and kind heart as well who willing to help anyone in need if they need it. He also got a strong since of loyalty and justice which anyone who miss with friend e know that not right he not sreacd to confront them. He is a social animal always love around being with people and always willing to make new friends. But sadly when come to ladies he does like them but if once was to hit on him he to naive to notice and think they just being friendly which as well this can make him very gullible at the best of times. H e love heavy metal music and like to party whenever he gets the chance as well. But sadly he hide a whole other side to him because he deathly afiread if anyone find this side to him they think of him as a monster and will not be friends with him due to that alone.

When Nickcca was only a child someone cursed him with a split personally which if ever he became extremely angry or in deep state of panic is other side that name himself puppet would come out a blood thirsty fighter that all he want to fight all the time and sometime if someone making he very very angry Puppet would want them dead. He does not like fighting along side other since Puppet thinks they just get I n is way unlike Nickcca and can be reckless at the best of times and pig headed. Puppet think he best fighter there is due to this alone and think everyone else his weak around him this why alot people find hard to partner up with him due to hide this side of them so they can't get surely close with Nickcca or puppet since other can really rude and crude when socializing.


Nickcca was a ophen as fear he can remember only memory he remembers that he was only six there was fire around him and shadow figure with the flaming cursing him with a " darker side." with that ass other he in a orhenage and was look after and also he had watch his back since he always being picked on for his pale skin and his red eyes but he still tried to be nice to everyone even he was getting picked on. When hit ten years old Nickcca got into a fight with some other kid that when cruse kick in due to Nickca anger he lost and when Puppet came out for the fist time and beat the kid till he nearly dead for this the workers there became afiad of him and did understand what was going and thought he was becoming a monster so they kick him out on to the street. Since that say Nickca had to learn to fend for himself for a very long until one fateful day he getting cased by what look a monster when in fact a man who follow the path of evil and killed children to eat their souls then out of nowhere a mister came and saved him and kill the evil man. Since that day he wanted to be like that person and be strong and protect people just like him. Since then he spent four years training hard learning everything he can about how ot become a mister during this time he learn he a strange power he can tell what your fears are by looking at your soul but this however had it con too he never be able to read soul like other do he can only know what they fears are.

He also developed his own attack called the nightmare stare when adjusted his soul wave length to any nemesis and make feel afriead or panic make making their souls think their under attack by their worse fears. Then again this a rough tenaiuqe he made himself and still not yet perfected so it does take time to take effect and do damage. With now he stand at the door of DWMA hoping that let him in and become a mister.


Reading souls for fears- Nickcca can know what your fear by looking at your soul but this does man he can never read them like normal misters would.

Nightmare stare: Nickcca can use his wave length to adjust the other persons soul wave length and when does he make their soul believe that under attack by their worse fears but this a new and rough tecquine this it will take time to take effect on that perosn he target and he must keep eye concat with them at all times. if their soul wave length is stronger than his it have no effect at all. With time and training it might develop into something much more powerful.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

( until he had a partner is unkown.)


Nickcca deepest fears are being in close in spaces and he hates being pushed around since that the bullies used to do to them.

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