( awakened ) Espa Mawu

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( awakened ) Espa Mawu

Post by bleach4ever50 on Thu 06 Feb 2014, 4:25 pm

Witch Character Template:

Insert Picture Here:



Theme Song:

Gypsy by Lady Gaga


Espa Mawu


The hell bound witch




N/A Doesn’t age and is physically 20


Jaka, Elysa

Animal Form:


Love Interest:

Jaka, Elysa


He has dark red hair flowing to his back that is mostly tied into one long braid. Also having hazel eyes that are at most time blue. He is skinny physically while his close makes him seem not so weak.  Little goatee while being tall. He is about 5’10 and about 155 in weight. Dressing usually in black, red, or purple.

Soul Description:

Strong purple soul with a black wolfs snout on the left side having a white snake coming out of it mouth and rapping around his soul


Very protective of friends and family, caring, calm, dark, and doesn't like to talk.


At one time being halve of the witch Elesyha Mawu Jaka soul he was linked to Espartarata when she was born from his dark attempt at saving a friend from dying. Growing more powerful as they both did he also most died when his body Elesyha did. Being badly weakened he latched onto the soul of Espartarata and her soon to be son. After the son was born he grew fast in power as the son became dark and deadly. And in a fight between both mother and son when both were at their peak he finally had the power to take on a physical body.

( after the thread a promise of training )
Demonic power: inhuman knowledge and the ability to create supplementary demonic tools ( note: only a witch or demon can use these tools )

Rift Cutter: Can use any part of his body to tear a hole in the fabric of reality and magic.

Prison rift: By trapping someone or something in one of his Rifts it becomes a prison. The prisoner has to go willingly or agreed to it. (Note: This was made to keep the dying alive.)

Rift Ally: Can let the rift prisoners walk into the physical world to help him. Or if they allow he could use their power temporally as his own.

Rift Walker: Can teleport from any open rift to another open rift.

Demon Stance: Fighting style


As the original owner of the demon stance he knows it the best. And can use it with more deadly skill.

Have You Read the Rules?
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

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