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Firo Argent

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Firo is 5'9" with an average build.  His hair being unkept and a shade of grey with red eyes.  With a chain choker around his neck, the chain hangs down onto his chest against his red t-shirt that has a ram skull design on it.  A black BDU style jacket that has an old military style patch on his right upper arm of the sleeve, the patch is a shield emblem with a dagger that has a serpent wrapped around it.  Blue jeans pants with black leather biker chaps over them, having a metal cover pieces over his knees and a pair of black military like boots that have the laces area covered by the chaps and his jeans.  On his hands, he wears a pair of black lightly worn out gloves that have a hard plastic covering over the knuckles.

Soul Description:

Calm and loyal. His soul seems simple enough upon seeing it, but a similar chain like the one he wears around his neck seems to sit wrapped around it.


Firo is typically laid back about a lot of things.  Despite how he might appear, he despises pointless violence and would rather try to find a peaceful solution.  But if it is necessary to kill, then he'll refuse to hold back at all in hopes of ending the fight quickly.  Being more prone to being a night owl, he doesn't like day light that much.


Firo grew up with a fairly decent upbringing outside of Death City.  Being curious about weapons and learning new ways of fighting as he grew up, he began learning what he could from his uncle in ways of unarmed combat as well as learning to try to adapt to the use of a weapon.  He found himself favoring the types of weapons the felt comfortable to him such as spears, swords, and tonfa.  Upon learning about Meisters and their Weapons, he grew curious about maybe putting what he's learned to use and maybe taking a new step in training himself.  He enrolled into the DWMA shortly as a meister in hopes of finding someone to partner up with to reach the next step in his training.


Adaptable to changing situations and is able to fight unarmed if he must, but will use his environment to gain an advantage.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

Speed increases for a short amount of time, due to the strain it puts the body under.


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