Summer Nikko

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Summer Nikko

Post by AwesomesauseLion on Wed 29 Jan 2014, 10:57 pm


Nikko, Summer








None. (Yet)

Love Interest:

None. (Yet)


Summer has light pink hair, which is a but unusual for a person to have, but it fits Summer's personality. Her hair is shorter in the front, and longer in the back. She has bright yellow eyes that sparkle in the sunlight, as well as her hair. She usually wears white/green clothes, along with a matching fedora-like hat. She is about 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Summer is very pretty.

Soul Description:

Bright and cheerful.


She is a nice person, and is almost always in a good mood. Summer loves to hang out with friends, and appreciates the company they provide for her. She is cheerful and is always kind, and a little bit charming, even if not on purpose. She is honest, and is very happy. She loves the sunlight, and often spends a large portion of her free time to sit down in a patch of sunlight, just for the pleasure. She can be shy with strangers, but she does have the ability to summon enough courage to go up to someone she doesn't know and say hi. She can be lonely without friends and hates the feeling of it.


Summer grew up outside of Death City, and was raised as an only child. She had a lot of friends, and liked to be around them. She recently discovered her talent with handling weapons, and along with her ability to easily cope with other people, she enrolled in the DWMA as a meister. She recently moved to Death City, and left her home and friends behind. She is the new person in the city, and has no friends. She now lives in a apartment not far from the Academy.


She is very skilled with a sword, but can cope with other weapons. She is often the peacemaker in a group of friends.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

She is faster and has a great increase in accuracy.


She has a small power to make flowers grow in the summer, but only if she is relaxed or happy. The glass vial she holds in the picture is a "good luck charm" given to her at a young age.

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Re: Summer Nikko

Post by PhoenixEye9 on Tue 18 Mar 2014, 7:06 pm

My character Veyas is looking for a meister and if your up for it, I'd like to be your weapon. And to make it better he's also a sword (most of the time) If you want to review him theres the link

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