My charrie Alice Feliz

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My charrie Alice Feliz

Post by Goldberry on Mon 13 Jan 2014, 6:21 pm

Name: Feliz Alice

Aliases:I'm calling this Nicknames for here on out!: Alie and Ali |She'll rather have them say Ali if they slightly know her, Alie for her friends and Alice for the closer ones. She's very picky at times|



Weapon:|Will add|

Love Interest:....Really? JUST. REALLY?

Description/Appearance:A young 15 year old girl with tan skin, Also having dirty blonde hair. She has cat like pupils with green eyes. |Really kittyish| She often wears her lab coat looking coat |Alice's pure remark when asked about the coat -> "SCIENCE!"| over her red shirt with who knows what comment. She also wears jeans. Her body build/appearance is pretty normal, Expect the fact that she doesn't look like she's really any older than 10ish

Soul Description: A little Fuzzy ball with a curl on it's top. It has this almost embarrassed look on it's face. It's also looks like cotton candy

Persona: |Sorry, I kinda deleted some of it| Really. I'll add this as i go along. -It's told why in teh history, And yes. I used teh. and no. I will only use it in OCC mode)

History:She had a pretty normal life -Okay. Slightly not normal, But she's a meister, DEAL WITH IT) then she joined this...School....Untill now she was pretty much homeschooled... Now she gets smacked in the face with this curveball... And she really doesn't know how to ACT!

Abilities:...Really none....- I HAVEN'T READ ALL OF THE BOOKS!-

Soul Resonance Abilities:None yet....

Other/Miscellaneous:She's a n00b to pretty much anything including weapons...Yup...And it's her first school she's really forced to attend, take it easy.

Also, Forgot to copy this -and add- so mhm: A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body


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