The Sentinel

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The Sentinel

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Kara Inamura

Kishin or Kishin Egg:
Kishin Egg.

The Sentinel.
The Abomination.



Built into her armor is a Dagger.
(1) Sharpened Katana.
(34) Shuriken, In a satchel.



Her mother was a Kishin Egg, So she raised her daughter like a Kishin Egg. Her Mother killed humans and fed some of their souls to her, and her mother ate the others. She didn't know this was wrong, as she was taught to do this. She thought everyone did this, kill each-other for their souls. Once she got to the right age, her mother taught her how to kill. She learned many tactics and the weak points of the human body. Her and her Mother did this for a while, and then started teaching her daughter how to use her abilities. It took quite a long time. She learned a lot. Her Mother died soon after teaching her a few abilites. She was killed from falling off of a cliff. Kara started travelling to villages. She read books on the Kishin and Kishin eggs. She was horrified to find out that she was actually eating people. It said all of them are Evil. Not her. She disliked the Kishin. She wanted to help people. From when she decided that, There was a voice in the back of her head whispering evil thoughts..

She eventually got a metal suit of armor that had weapons built-in. Not Human weapons, but Weapons that did not live. The suit of armor is heavy and would make it harder for her to run. She stole some weapons at a shop before setting out for the world.
- (5) Soul Cover: Hides her Kishin Egg soul.
- (5) Blood's love: Absorbs spilled blood.
- (5) Metalmasking: Her armor is much more reinforced.
- (10) Charm: Puts a spell on the target, making them obey her commands for a short period of time.
- (15) Mamba's snare - A wave of black, liquid like substance goes from the user's feet, travelling to the target. The target would be injected with a poison similar to that of a Black Mamba.

Have you read the rules:
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

My Characters:
Sophia Tomoko.
The Sentinel - Kishin Egg
Marie Delaois - Witch
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