Miss Sophia Tomoko

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Miss Sophia Tomoko

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Sophia Tomoko


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Animal Form:

Komodo Dragon.

Love Interest:

None, At the moment.


Sophia has Dark brown hair, light green eyes, and pale skin. Her clothing usually consists of a green skirt and a dress shirt with a grey trench-coat.

Soul Description:

A Green tinged soul with a lizard-like face on it. It has black particles emanating from it.


She is Neutral. She is kind to people if they do not attack her first. She loves to mess with people's minds. She is fairly Attractive, which helps with her Charisma. She is intelligent and loves to read books.


Sophia's life was nothing special. She loved to read as a child, and such. She was kidnapped when she was young, not too young. But young. A witch captured her and was planning to use her as an 'Experiment' but decided against it. She sensed a power from within this one's soul, and began to teach her in the arts of witchcraft. She learned her unique powers by herself, experimenting alone. Her 'Mother' taught her Soul Protect, but could get no farther then that, as she was killed by some students who were at the DWMA. She wasn't sad though. It was her foolish decision. She set out to explore the world, and do what she needed to do.


Corrosion - When the spell is used, it secretes from her fingers. Slowly melts through objects with a strange acid. Cannot melt through 'spell shields'. If it hits a person, It would burn through their skin, to the bone, And stop. Only the area it hit would be affected.
Immunity to Acid. - Acid does not affect her, It may affect some of her clothing but not her own skin.

Blink - Teleport short distances.

Insanity - When the victim is hit, they start to see vivid hallucinations, some examples are: Dead people, Sophia herself, Animals, Etc.

Transform - To transform between Human and Komodo Dragon.

Tranquilizer - Slowly makes the target fall unconscious. Average 15-25 minutes.

Soul Protect (Basic) - Makes a Witch soul look like a Human soul.


Not now!

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A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body.
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