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Ma-da-ru Jaka

Post by bleach4ever50 on Fri 03 Jan 2014, 2:49 pm

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Name: Ma-da-ru Jaka

Aliases: is seen in Other/Miscellaneous and History

Gender: Male

Age: 20 and his body has stopped aging

Partner: looking for a weapon to preform symbiosis on

Animal Form: A dragon about knee size with black scale over most of the body red eyes and a few purple scale markings on his skin

Love Interest: none yet but will most likely his partner.


Being five; ten with strawberry-blond hair, blue-hazel eyes, preferring to dress in black but in honest truth will wear anything that is at hand. Most of the time looks mad making him at times a bit intimidating at first until you get to know him or so him in a full-blown fight.

Soul Description:

A silver fire like flame looking soul with a strong hint of a very dark purple and also a dirty blood red running though the purple and the outside of the silver.


Having a rough life he is not known to joke about a fight or protecting others. Will get mad rather fast when those he wants to protect are in danger. Mostly he does not care either way what happens to other unless he is friend with them or if his friend want them to live. Being a lot of the time uneasy and his feelings chaotic he tries all he can to be happy.


As a child he was raised believing that there is a god. That he does everything for a reason and that he would protect those true of fate and heart. Always protecting the innocent and children never letting harm come to them without purpose for the greater good of mankind. For years he watched as all those listed above where broken daily. Still blindly following and loyal to his faith even if it meant his death. He would plea cry beg and start fights just to tell people and his elders of his story. No matter what he did nothing ever changed at home. Neither for himself or his sisters and all of this is from the first that he could remember to the age of 6. After that his faith stared to fade and still desperate to prove his new thought wrong he did anything and everything he could think of piss people off. Soon falling in love with fire constantly trying to use it burn things hoping people would see it as his last desperate outburst for help. That has last hope of trying to stay trying to run away any chance he got. Hoping someday he would be free of this pain of his.
Until one day everything changed for the worst. At first he found it a good feeling his family started to experiment on one other. Soon after the met some of his mom’s friends kids. That where around there own age which he thought was good at the time. He thought that his mom knew them from some part of his sister's side of family from her father's lineage. The only name he could remember is wryly and the kid always made him feel like a piece of crap. For a while he found kindness. But he was also forced to watch his back at all times for he now had even more than his mom and sisters that where trying to hurt him. After one night when he was sure they get caught and in trouble he pretended to be sleeping. After he pulled it off when they did get caught his life has never been the same after that day. Things also got worst for him. For his fear got a lot worst his paranoia grew making him passive in his actions.
Not wanting any more pain he wanted to stop all risky actions but his sisters would not let that be. They threatened the only thing he wanted to protect his little sister and he thought of her as his child. After his sister's threatened his youngest sister he went completely of the grid. Not caring any more of his pain but only of that pain he could make others feel. Losing all faith he no longer cared for others. He couldn't be denied of his desires no longer. Having lost everything at the age of 8 his heart grew cold fast. Not having any reason to care for people his violence grew with no end in sight. The only thing he had left was the hope which lasted years only being kept alive from his fear of death. At age 15 his pain grew unbearable and he no longer feared death having not even fear to drive him to do good. His lust for fighting grew more and more unbearable by the day until one day his bloodlust and insanity took root he could no longer fight it.

After being known as the bloodshed demon and hunted down from a group pick by lord death himself the witch was brought in for question after seen ripping out his left eye and infusing it into a child he had on accident blinded in battle with the group sent by lord death if not for this act of kindness and the account of him passing out the witch would have died fighting the group after returning to the kid his sight.
Having his heart set on protecting his past from happening to others there is no cost that he not willing to pay to protect them.

Infusion of the kind: able to infuse in others a small part of him to give them limited magical abilities while in the process healing them. (also known to be painful to the ones being casted on)

Bloodlust of the beast: (passive) the more that blood is shed by his hands the more physically stronger and faster he becomes at the cost of his body degenerating at the same speed he gains (also giving a second ability to live with bloodlust without dying from it) the sway of madness is strongest when this is active

Symbiosis: can temporally infuse other beings into his body mutating the both of them by fusing together both there body’s working a lot like soul resonance until the bond is broken (can be permanent if the bond is not broken fast enough) when a bond is made I gain the regeneration of lost cells and if bond is strong enough tissue at best

P.S. the second ability to Bloodlust of the beast does not make the body degenerate


The sway of magic has no influence on him but insanity is another matter in itself having been at one time completely last to it and his bloodlust his name is known as the Bloodshed Demon; now working for lord death and the D.W.M.A.

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A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

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