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Eliza Tori

Post by CursedAaron on Sat 30 Nov 2013, 7:42 pm

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Eliza Tori


Lizzy, Liza, Liz







Animal Form:

Eliza's animal form is a bird, to be more specific an Eastern blue bird. The eastern bluebird is a fairly small bird, the same size as any bluebird. The eastern bluebirds' back and upper tail feathers are completely blue, while the lower tail feathers are white, along with most of the underbelly of the bird. The head is also blue, with a golden brown neck and chest, along with shoulders.

Love Interest:



Lizzy wears a purple kimono type dress, that comes down to about halfway down her thighs and leaves her shoulders and upper arms exposed. She has two purple sleeves to match the dress on each arm, that stretch up to her elbows. For leg wear she uses two long stockings that reach all the way down to the bottom of her heels, and cover almost the entirety of her legs, leaving just a little bit between the top of the stockings and the dress. For shoes, she wears standard eastern style sandals that wrap up her legs a bit onto the calf. Around her stomach is a large white sash that is also just for looks and serves no purpose. Next to her shoulders are two floating wings that are always there, suspended in air inches away from her shoulders, she derives most of her power from them. Her hair is a medium brown and hangs all the way down to her rear end, normally in a loose ponytail as well. On top of her head is a skull shaped barrette for an accessory. Her eyes are a deep purple, matching the color of her dress.

Soul Description:

Liz's soul has two wings on the back of it, suspended in air just like her actual wings, it also takes the color purple to match her dress and everything else about her.


Eliza is a neutral witch, meaning she doesn't really have a side whether it is good or bad, evil or justice. She normally just follows somebodies lead, not caring if it the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do. She is friendly towards most people, and is quick to make bonds with someone. A bond between her can make it so one person could bond enough with Eliza that he could literally control her with just a few simple words. Her bonds are easily made, yet also easily severed unless they have become too strong.

((More to come))


I'll make this later.. I got easily distracted and began running out of time.


Gale: Eliza sends forth a strong wind in any direction she choose, blowing everything in the gale away from her.

Tornado: Liz sends out a small manageable tornado that she can control, able to use it to attack from a distance.

Feather shot: Eliza sends out a sharp piercing feather to attack a target.

Quill sword: Eliza manifests a sword from a sharp feather, a quill basically that she can hold from the end and use the feather part to slash at foes.

All basic witch skills ((I.E Soul protect, Flight, Portal manifestation [to the witch's realm], etc.))

((More coming soon, with better names q.q))

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