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Friendly Mai

Post by CursedAaron on Fri 29 Nov 2013, 7:07 pm

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Mai Asami ((My Ah-Sah-Me)) [Don't take my word on that pronunciation]






Gerard Muzur

Love Interest:



Mai wears a black dress with white and purple accents on the front  to give it a bit of flair. On her dress, she also has detachable sleeves, matching the black color of the dress. Her hair is snow white and hangs down all the way past her waist, to the end of her dress, three-quarters of the way down her thigh and just above the knee. On the crown of her head she has a maroon colored bow that helps hold her hair together. The bow hangs down to about where her hands are. For footwear, she wears two boots that go halfway up her calves to hide more of her legs. Her eyes are pure yellow, matching with nothing on her body or clothing.

Soul Description:

Her soul is friendly and easy to resonate with, making bonds quickly with anyone she pleases. Mai's soul appears snow white like her hair, along with having the long hair just like her on the soul. The face of the soul is often seen smiling happily, even if she is angry.


Matching the happy appearance of her soul, Mai is also a fairly happy person and easy to get along with. She is often seen smiling and talking to people she doesn't even know, and will almost always try to make friends with someone. Mai is also fairly easily embarrassed and most of the time can be seen with a bit of blush on her cheeks from being embarrassed by someone. She has a fierce fighting spirit, but she will still smile and be happy even in the midst of combat.

One downfall she has however is that is if one of her many friends gets hurt, she can become very emotional due to having a bond with all of her friends. She is often seen crying if one of her friends is hurt, unless someone is there to snap her out of it and return her to her normal loving self.


((I'll put this in later, too lazy to do it right now..))


Soul Perception: I better not have to explain this. Hint: Maka and Stein both have it in the anime and manga.

Kawaii Spear: Mai charges the end of her fingers, or one of her feet with her spiritual pressure before sending the kick or fingers into an enemy. Bonus: Hearts come out of the end of her foot, or around her hand as it connects.

Soul Resonance Abilities:


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