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Insane Takeshi

Post by CursedAaron on Thu 28 Nov 2013, 5:03 pm

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Takeshi Katsu


Insane Takeshi, Blood drinker







Love Interest:

Good luck ladies.

Description/Appearance: ((I'll be adding a bit on from the picture!))

Takeshi is regularly found about wearing a red hoodie, with the sleeves pulled up past his elbow, showing off his forearms. The hoodie, he normally keeps unzipped without a shirt on underneath. On his forearms are red and blue tattoos made to appear as if red and blue flames are coming from his wrists. His hands adorn white bandages, wrapping his hands up so that he can equip his steel claws that he uses as weapons, until he finds a partner. As for leg wear, he wears dark jeans that seem to clash well with his red hoodie. Around his waist is a belt that holds his jeans up, around the belt are six dog tags, bearing six different and unique names. Attached to his belt are two box like sheathes, that his claws fit perfectly into for when he is not using them. On his feet, he wears two combat boots so that he can traverse even the roughest terrain. Underneath his hoodie is a large tattoo, the front of it almost always visible, and the back normally hidden behind the hoodie.

Soul Description:

One first viewing this male's soul with the ability soul perception, will see a red sphere, with red droplets dripping from it. At first glance it looks like a twisted and evil soul, easily mistakable for a kishin egg. The droplets represent not only spilled blood, but his constant waste of soul energy, that he has little control over. The soul also seems to wear the same tattoo like pattern that Takeshi has on his body. Not only does the color and droplets provide an aura of creepiness, the mad smile that his soul wields adds even further to that, with an insane over the top wicked smile.

His soul is unstable, and it is hard to make a connection with his soul, but if a bond is made it will most likely be a strong one.


Takeshi has been described as insane by most people's standards. This assumption would be correct, as he might as well be considered insane. He is often found in the forest, cutting at random trees with his claws, and in some cases cutting trees down and allowing them to crash to the earth with a thud. Takeshi is also often found chewing at his finger nails as if anxious about something, or afraid that something might happen soon. Another thing adding to his insanity is he rather enjoys the taste of blood, whether it is his own, some random person, or the blood from meat out of the supermarket, he is normally found just drinking any type of blood he sees, but he would never harm someone (Other than himself) for the blood.

Only few people have found this out about Takeshi, but he actually has a secret side to him. This side is protective, caring, and even in some cases loving. Once a bond has formed between him and another person, the bond seems to stick into his head, and keep him from even coming close to harming them in any way. Unfortunately, this also presents the possibility for him to be easily manipulated by the simplest of bonds.


Takeshi was born right in Death City, immediately immersed and surrounded by meisters and weapons alike. However, when he was born, the kishin's madness was able to target him easily for whatever reason. The madness tormented him and drove him insane over the years, driving him to the point of random spurts of laughter, and even harming himself and feeling no pain. His parents even at one point mentioned seeing him alone in the dining room chewing on a dead rat that he had found in the corner, though they will never speak of it again. Once he became of age, he started to attend DWMA, not by his parents choice surprisingly, but by his.

He wanted to learn how to fight, and what better place to do that, than DWMA, which was close by. So he began training, but soon found out he had no weapon of his own. Deciding he needed to use something other than his fists to fight, he went to the nearest blacksmith and requested their finest weapon available. The smithy brought Takeshi claw weapons, with sheaths to attach to his belt and soon Takeshi began to use them as his weapons.

Finally Takeshi's life seemed to be going well, he wasn't doing overly insane things, and he was studying at DWMA to be a meister. Soon however that changed, one day his parents caught him in a spurt of insanity, and before they knew it, his soul became too much and overwhelmed him with madness. Before they knew it, his parents were at the end of his claws, dead. Once Takeshi snapped back to reality, he realized what he had done. On that day he began to wear dog tags around his belt, the first two names being his parents. That wasn't it though, he wanted something more permanent to remind him to never hurt another person again, and so he decided to get his large tattoo, and the flame tattoos on his forearm, so he would be reminded to never hurt and innocent person once again.


Bloody Rage: If Takeshi is exposed to enough blood, he will go into a frenzy on an enemy, charging them with everything he has and little regard to his own health or theirs.

Flaming Blood: With this ability, Takeshi puts his soul wavelength into his palms and sends an attack into his enemy. If asked afterwards, the receiving end of the attack has mentioned they felt a burning sensation when the attack connected.

Soul Resonance Abilities:




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