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Post by HiKARU on Fri 15 Nov 2013, 11:55 am

Human form :
Art by : Ewela04

Weapon form :
Haru Akita Dmc3-katana


Theme Song:

One Step Closer - Linkin Park


Haru Akita


Haru, Aki.





Weapon Form:

A silver-bladed katana with a black-white hilt, with some glitches when used.


Can be used as a shield, can fight by himself, but still in need of a Meister. Can be used to handle gun shots.


Can't handle diamond-hard like things, of attacks from Black Blood Weapons.


None yet

Love Interest:

Alice Katsuya. (They're childhood friends, and this is a one-sided relationship. Alice only thought him as not more than a friend, or just siblings-like friends.)


His height is 5' 7", his body frame is thin, not muscular. His hair's brown, and he has a pair of green eyes. The attire is black-long sleeved T-shirt with denim jeans and black boots, with a black scarf.

Soul Description:

A mysterious, quiet black soul with a murdurous aura around it.


Quiet and mysterious, loves spending time with only Alice. He's quite a yandere with Alice although Alice don't notice him. Back in Osaka, he murdered a few male students that tried talking with Alice, of course, Alice being the nice one, didn't ignore them, adding more to his jealousy. He ended their lives with his weapon form, which the ability he hides from Alice. Their classmates ignored him and Alice, making Alice his only friend. He often claims Alice as his and his alone, making her like his possessions or such kind of thing. "She's mine, and mine alone.."


He lives in a house near Alice's in Osaka, Japan, went to the same school and both are weapons. His parents are still alive but they ignored him, so are his siblings, making Alice the closest person to him. Caused him to be a yandere over her.


His soul resonance well with others.

Soul Resonance Abilities:

Electric-like wavelengths will flow through his blade, which will turn into black one. The hilt will be wrapped in a thick red ribbon, resembling their souls. The glitches are also gone.



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