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Post by KEiMEI on Fri 08 Nov 2013, 4:29 am

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Character Profile {Alice} 1511185

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Character Profile {Alice} 1511185

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Theme Song:

One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Name: Alice Katsuya

Surname, Forename : Alice

Aliases: Alice

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Weapon Form: Rifle

Strengths: Still can fight without Meister but she do need one. She uses real bullets that allows her Meister's soul wavelength to go through it.

Weaknesses: Her Complete Weapon Form can only be used when with her meister. Without him/her, it will be uncompleted although it still can be used. The soul wavelength reflects her form, if it's incomplete that means her soul is not that strong yet.

Meister: Lukas Kozak

Love Interest: None yet.

Description/Appearance: She's about 5'3" and her body is average, not skinny, not chubby. Her eyes are dark blue. Her hair is black and it's waist-length, she let it loose. She sometimes will pin her bangs with a plain white/black pin, if her bangs irritate her.

Soul Description: Her soul is black, quite arrogant but is also kind. It has some fierce aura around it.


Quite arrogant when you first know her, and tends to hide behind walls and glaring at the person she just met. She is also kind and can't look at cute things. If you know she a little longer you will notice she is actually kind and easy-going. She have a tsundere-type personality.

History: She has only an older brother and older sister because her parents died in a car crash. Her family own a small cafe in Osaka,Japan so she will return to Osaka every holidays. Determined to join the DWMA, she took various martial arts classes and learned about transformation and such with help from her brother and sister for a few years before she enrolled in DWMA.

Abilities: She can control her accuracy and her balance well - she can easily hit the weak points.

Put abilities here : Average, the gun will just change into a black rifle with electric-kind soul wavelength passed through it.



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