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Hunter, Luke Alexander Jackson [Complete] 2456253-yagihara+01
"Aren't you the life of the party."

The Theme - TBA

Name: Hunter, Luke Alexander Jackson

Aliases: AJ

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Meister: Not applicable at this time.

Love Interest: Not applicable at this time.

Description/Appearance: Luke appears to be like your average teenage male in size and weight, though his physical features such as facial structure, muscle definition, and height are a bit ahead of him. Despite his slim build, Luke has noticable muscle definition and weighs around 150lbs. Luke stands around 6'0" with  short, styled brown hair with facial hair along his chin. He has slanted green eyes and often wears sunglasses over them. His eyebrows are thin and match the color of his hair. Each of his ears have piercings, one stud and one ring respectively.

Luke chooses to wear a purple colored t-shirt that does not tuck into his pants. He wears loose-fitting, faded blue jeans that are held up by a black belt with an oval-shaped buckle. He always as his signature black leather trenchcoat on, and he wears black combat boots on his feet. The jacket's arms have 3 straps each respectively placed right after the shoulder, after the elbow and right before the wrist. He wears three different rings on his left hand, one rests on the index, another on the middle and the final one on his small finger

Weapon Form:
Hunter, Luke Alexander Jackson [Complete] Scythe

Soul Description: Luke's soul is a very passive looking soul whose color a vibrant shade of lime green. It seems to wear his sunglasses and has something similar to the tail of his trench coat.

"What is the weight of a soul?"

Personality: Luke is, by all means a very thoughtful individual who tries not to offend anyone. Despite this, he has a sarcastic part to his personality when his patience grows too thin or someone bothers him. A somewhat sensitive and quiet individual who only feels the need to speak when spoken to or when he has something to say, whether it is important for someone else to hear or not is to be seen. On a level of looking at his meister, Luke would say he has resepct for them and the utmost faith in their abilities. He'd likely say nothing but kind things about them and would be more inclined to share any troubles he has with them. He would also be willing to follow them anywhere. This is despite what they could be like, for instance if they were rude, obnoxious, or awful and had little respect for weapons, Luke may lose his patience faster and leave them without a care.

Luke is rather sensitive and quiet, prefering to keep his business to himself and act in a professional manner with his meister. He seems to understand that there's a time and place for sentiments and other types of conversation, along with childish antics. He genuinely enjoys the company of others, even if he doesn't seem to admit it. He is also rather thoughtful, taking into consideration how someone might react to hearing specific news and might withhold saying something to avoid causing a problem. Oddly enough, when pushed to his limits of dealing with something Luke can grow to be rather sarcastic in his responses, showing a mix of annoyance, anger, and boredum typically. This is often brought around when he grows dreadfully bored, when someone decides to deal with his meister in terrible ways, or when someone bothers him to talk or share about himself. He has an extreme disdain for people who torment his meister in a manner that upsets his meister.

Unsurpisingly, Luke displays an amazing restraint, often giving people space when they need it and avoiding those whom may have misdirected anger towards him. This restraint stems from childhood issues with his father, who knew nothing of restraint and often beat his only son out of frustration for the untimely death of his mother. Another issue stemming from this troubled childhood is that he also learns to trust others through actions, not simply words. He dislikes having people swear using words and wishes that they had to swear on something they held close to them. This holds true with his meister as well, as he will always learn more about them while fighting than talking. He can get a feel for how they will fight and use him as their weapon and adapt mind to their style.

As a result of his childhood abuse at the hands of his father, Luke has a dislike for male authority figures and often fears repercussion from failure or some other made-up reason. This fear isn't so obvious to someone who doesn't know or understand him, unless of course they can read minds, but Luke has learned to cope with dealings involving older males and only seems to have issues when something goes wrong and it spells disaster for him. In such a case he may hide behind is meister if they are well-informed of his past, if not he'll stand there engulfed with inner turmoil and long buried emotions.

History: Luke was born to Adrian and Heather Hunter as their only child. Despite the couples apparent happiness at the newborn infant they would raise, something went amiss after little Luke was born. Shortly after giving birth, Heather died from severe bleeding and left Luke and Adrian alone. Stricken with grief and the death wish of his wife to raise their little boy to be a good person, Adria swore to do his best for the young boy and take care of him. From that day forth, Adrian always tried to be there for his son, to look after and care for him as a parent. But deep down inside Adrian grew bitter towards his only son, Luke. For thoughts began to bubble from the depths of his mind. What if Luke had not been born was the sole question that stood out from the others.

Luke was only 6 when the abuse started. First in began in the form of verbal abuse, which only was simple things like being called an idiot or stupid child. But it began escalating, growing into various inappropriate things a child should not here. The worst was when Luke heard that he should go die. These words caused Luke grief and is what eventually started him keeping his business to himself. The verbal abuse seemed to be what he would have to live with for some time, and Luke came to accept it, though at the time he couldn't justify why he accepted it, or why his father did it to him in the first place.

Upon reaching the age of 9, the abuse escalated further into physical abuse. This abuse was far more painful that what came before, at least to Luke and it became increasingly harder for him to hide his business from others. It placed an amount of stress on him, and eventually he caved when he was confronted by a teacher about the marks on his body. Though he did try his best to defend his father due to his love for that man, he could not deny that the pain was inflicted by that very man. Serious action was taken and thus Luke was seperated from his father. It was around this time that it was discovered quickly and quietly that the boy could transform into a weapon. It was here he was taken in by the DWMA and raised to learn how to fight.

During his early years before becoming a student, Luke was very observant and more open to speaking with certain people he grew to trust. Yet that pushed him further away from interacting with regular people and as a result, he seemed to grow very sensitive and quiet around others, even those he once openly talked to. He began to speak lightly of others and seemed to develop a sense of what a weapon and meister relationship was like. He longed for something like that, and vowed he would one day find the right meister for him. But yet when he became a student he found it rather difficult to put up with the first meister he was paired with, finding that frequently he was always at fault for things beyond his control and eventually requested a new partner. Despite the second partner being good, they split apart on good terms due to a difference in their personalities that often caused them trouble during fights.

Luke patiently waits to find the right meister to wield him. He vowed he would find that one person and serve them faithfully until they split apart. It holds true to this day.

"Sometimes I wonder, am I simply a weapon or am I a human? I never get an answer in the end."

Capable Fighter - If need be, Luke is well versed in fighting without a meister. Though he isn't as strong as a regular meister and weapon combination, he can still hold his own against opponents on the same level as himself.

Soul Resonance Abilities:
Frequency Match - Luke is able to match his wavelength with others on a much quicker scale, allowing others aside from his meister to use him if the need arises.

Strong will
Self restraint

Fearful of Male Authority

Other/Miscellaneous: No he's not a pervert. Yes he is likely bisexual. Yes he kind of acts like a lost puppy. Don't kick him you puppy kickers how dare you be so rude.


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