Louis "Lou" Tanaka

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Louis "Lou" Tanaka

Post by TehZach1993 on Mon 28 Oct 2013, 11:40 pm

Insert Picture Here:

Theme Song:

Name: Louis Tanaka

Surname, Forename N/A

Aliases:   Lou

Gender: Male

Age: 14


Ryuu Takeshi (Hopefully)

Love Interest:



Wears a black leather jacket with fur on the collar. Has reddish brown hair with long bangs that seem to sprout out all over the place. His eyes match his hair, underneath the jacket he wears a red short sleeved shirt and a dog tag necklace, pants are jeans with small tears in the knees for style and he wears vans.

Soul Description:

Louis has a kind soul, one that shows his dedication and love for his friends. Lou's soul wears sunglasses and is constantly blowing its long 'hair' out of its face, just like Louis.

Personality: Has a bit of a sarcastic side, but is a good person at heart. Once you're his friend you're his friend for life and he will do anything for you, if you get in trouble he feels your pain and will do anything to protect you.

History: Louis comes from a rather dark past. His father was an alcoholic and often beat his mother in front of him when he was younger. When it was finally taken too far and the police were called, his father was taken to jail and sentenced to only two years. His mother divorced the man after that, the violence had been enough. That was around the time his cousin took him and his mother in and moved them to a place called Death City, Nevada. Louis has managed to get rid of some of that pent up anger by training in the ways of martial arts under his cousin. He's earned a black belt, the youngest of his family to ever do so!

He's recently enrolled in the DWMA and is now searching for a partner.

Abilities: Lou is very skilled in the way of martial arts, even without a weapon he is very strong and dangerous. He is also an avid reader, even though he may not look it.

Soul Resonance Abilities: When Lou enters soul resonance his skills with martial arts increase tenfold. Every punch is heavier and deadlier. He's been known to break open boulders with his blows while in SR mode. (His strength increases and his muscles bulge.)



Additional information of any importance that does not belong to any other category can be placed here

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Re: Louis "Lou" Tanaka

Post by Nope. on Sat 02 Nov 2013, 10:33 am

This picture has already been used on another character. Please change it.

Arc= Default
Charlotte= Green
Chelsea= Dark blue.
Vernon= Blue
Agatha= Light blue.
Galen= Red.
Grundle= Male dragon figure. G'rathe= Female dragon figure.
Jayde= Dark Red.
Caelan= Bluish-Purple.
Mina= Yellow.
Glyndwr and Yurio= Purple.


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