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Malik Roberts (WIP) Chibi_malik_2_by_mjt010-d5q32fv

Malik Roberts (WIP) Malik_s_new_weapon_form_by_mjt010-d68ohw5

Theme Song:

Goukisan - Unity Through Sound(More Coming Soon)


Surname, Middle name, Forename: Roberts, Joshua, Malik


None yet





Weapon Form:

Malik's weapon form is a single-edged Great Sword, a two-handed weapon. The sword is average in length, being 5 feet and 7 inches long. The blade is long, large, sharp, and midnight-black. It has a cyan-blue design on it's edge. Two small spikes start at the base of the blade and connected to them is a thick cyan-blue line that goes to it's tip where there is another small spike, but it's slanted downward towards the bottom of the blade. The hilt is a large cross. The horizontal bar, is attached to the blade with the top part embedded in it. The lower, much longer part is held by two hands for Malik's weapon form to be used. The hilt is a lighter shade of black than the blade and the parts that make up the cross are cylindrical. Two golden brown eyes are also shown on the hilt where the two parts of the cross intersect, one on each side. They show how Malik feels while in weapon form.

Partial Form: Malik's partial form is when he transforms part of his right arm into the large blade of his weapon form. His hand all the way up to his elbow is replaced.


-Above Average Speed Runner


-Nearsighted without glasses
-Low Upper-body Strength
-Not Very Flexible


None yet

Love Interest:



Malik is of average height and above for a boy his age and average weight as he's 5 feet and 10 inches tall, while weighing 151 pounds. His skin tone is a shade of chocolate brown. He inherited it from his his mother, but her skin tone is a slightly darker color. His hair color is black and mid-length as it reaches to the bottom of his neck. Three bangs hang in middle-front of his forehead, while two, longer ones hang on each side of his face also, covering the left and right side of his forehead. His eyes are a shade of golden brown. On his face, he wears grey framed glasses.

For his attire he wears a black shirt with a white outlined, black lightning bolt on the front. It's hidden by his cyan blue hoodie. It's his favorite hoodie as he always washes it and has it wrinkle free, so it looks brand new. The pants he wears is a sky blue color. They're long and slightly baggy at the bottom where they end at his ankles. The last piece of his outfit is his grey Jordans. They also, have cyan-blue designs on them.

Malik is slightly muscular as a result of his training from his father. However, the structure of his body can't be seen with his clothes on. Being slim, his muscles are shown to be small, but still fit. His upper-body is not all that strong, because he lack upper-body strength. Malik does has strong legs from of running and training with his father, however. As a result, he can run at an above average speed and deliver powerful blows. He also possesses a large amount of stamina, so he's able to cover long distances.

Soul Description:

Malik's soul is described as innocent and calm. It has a cute smile and an expression making it look like it's shying away. It also has glasses similar to his. Malik's soul color is cyan-blue, which of course determines the color of his transformation.

Soul's picture: Malik Roberts (WIP) Malik_s_soul_copy_copy_by_mjt010_d5fz5ym_by_mjt010-d6pj8p0


Malik is a kind and caring person. He is often polite and thoughtful to people around him. Malik can be quite timid at times as he is shy around others, especially girls. Over time however, as he gets to know the people around him, he becomes more open towards them. Since Malik is thoughtful and caring, he puts others needs and problems before his. He'll help out anyone in need, like when someone needs to get to the nurse or someone else has trouble getting to something. No matter what problem is presented to him, he will assist in helping them.

 He will also, do any favor for his friends and family, unless it's an evil thing from an evil person. Malik has a calm and collected personality and so is able to remain calm in dire situations. An example is a serious battle against a powerful enemy. In these dire situations where his friends are losing focus, fighting with each other, or don't know what to do, he calms them down and tries to think of a plan to turn it around. Malik is very intellectual, having much knowledge of Shibusen, souls, weapons, meisters, and other things in the world. This quality of his makes him able to devise strategies and tactics in battle. Malik also understands knowledge above average for other students.

 The boy may have a calm personality, but he does has a temper. It's very hard to get him angry, as he is always calm and stays chill when someone insults him or even, hits him, but in certain situations, his temper will explode to the surface. He gets a furious look in his eyes and becomes fierce. It also amazes others that he can yell so loud, despite him usually being so quiet. Even though he may not know it, Malik can be very courageous. Whether it's a witch, demon, Kishin, or anything else fearsome, he'll stand his ground, especially for his friends and family.


Malik was born in Baltimore, Maryland, into a family of a mother who is a meister and a father who is a weapon. Their names are Monique and Cortez Roberts. As a little boy, Malik has always been interested in weapons and meisters. His mother read him books about them and Shibusen in the afternoon and at night as bedtime stories. He was even shown his fathers transformation into weapon form as his mother caught him and displayed their strong bond. Malik also, has a younger brother and sister named Marques and Makayla. His brother was a weapon, like him and his sister was a meister.

Malik was a weapon himself, having inherited his weapon blood from his father. Despite being the oldest he was the last of the children to awaken his abilities. He may have been embarrassed about this, but at least his weapon blood awoken instead of him being the odd ball in the family. His dormant abilities were awakened after his brother's and sister's. It was during a time when he was 15, using a punching bag to help deal with his brother and sister awakening there latent powers before him. He was very happy and proud that their abilities awakened, but that meant he was the only one that hadn't awakened and he was the oldest. He felt both embarrassed and like the odd ball of the family, but his beliefs of him having dormant powers drives him to discover them along with his willpower. He continued to punch the punching bag, each punch stronger than the last. Before the next punch, Malik closed his eyes, but as he was about to land the hit he was thinking about his dormant power. His strong belief, willpower, and perseverance manged to awaken his weapon blood and his right arm up to his elbow became a single-edged, sword blade and he accidentally pierced the punching bag. He was amazed and surprised at first seeing his transformed arm, but was happy as well to have his weapon blood finally awakened.

It was at this time that Malik had called his mother and father to see what had happened after he had pulled his transformed arm out of the punching bag. As they walked in, they saw part of Malik's right arm transformed into a large sword blade. At seeing his blade arm, both his parents were proud. His mother gave a warm hug while his father ruffled his hair. Cortez decided to teach his son how to be able to transform into weapon form. As he did, Malik had also learned partial transformation for his right arm. Afterwords, he decided to also teach him Tae Kwon Do and Kick Boxing. Mostly he was taught Tae Kwon Do more than Kick Boxing and so, excelled more at it.

Malik and his family moved from Maryland to Nevada for his parents to enroll him into the academy. His brother and sister still have much to learn, since they are still young, so they stayed home to study. Malik is much more mature and knows the basics quite well. This is Malik's first year at the academy and because of that, doesn't have a meister yet. Starting as a freshman, he wonders who his meister will be. He will find out soon enough.


Demon Wavelength:

Soul Resonance Abilities:

None Yet


-Can't swim

-Can't hurt a woman or girl, unless they are evil.

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