Caelan Freoth.

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Caelan Freoth.

Post by Nope. on Sat 05 Oct 2013, 3:46 pm

Add a brown cloak and under it a suit jacket.

Caelan Freoth.

Leanod Shark.
Deserted boy. (Nickname given by people from death city who have seen him.)





The parents of Caelen were a pair of Kishin eggs in hiding and wanted their son to be one as well. He didn't want to. They forced him to kill and eat souls through violence and torture, but Caelen was strong and didn't give in to evil, though if he didn't become what he is now, he would have certainly been dead a long time ago. When he thought he was old and strong enough, he took on his parents and ended up killing them, but almost died himself. Even though he was forced to become a Kishin egg, he was still hunted and was exiled from any place he stayed due to his name spreading around towns and villages. He made a fake name and even that soon was seen through, when his appearance was spread instead. After a while, he decided to hide in a place where no one would expect him. In the Nevada desert.

Emotion detection.Detects the emotion of one person towards another.5
Soul wavelength explosion.Causes users wavelength to 'explode' jamming anyone withing a 5 meter radius to be unable to match soul wavelengths.5
Emotional overload.Causes an emotional overload on a target, causing confusion.5
Have you read the rules:
A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

Arc= Default
Charlotte= Green
Chelsea= Dark blue.
Vernon= Blue
Agatha= Light blue.
Galen= Red.
Grundle= Male dragon figure. G'rathe= Female dragon figure.
Jayde= Dark Red.
Caelan= Bluish-Purple.
Mina= Yellow.
Glyndwr and Yurio= Purple.


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