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Matt the greatsword of death Empty Matt the greatsword of death

Post by jasondude09 on Sat 05 Oct 2013, 2:15 am

-Human form picture here

-Weapon form picture here

Name: Matt uginami

Aliases: the great sword of death




Weapon Form:

Very large great sword


his resonance abilities are somewhat greater than usual


while being a greatsword in weapon form his human form is weak


Love Interest:

Description/Appearance: he is a tall, black haired, lanky teen,he has bright red eyes and a tattoo of a skull on his back

Soul Description: his soul is very large and it is stitched because when he was young his soul shattered and he fixed it


very weird but in a serious situation or when angered he is very focused and plans 3 moves ahead


the first of witch medusa’s experiments, when she tried to mix his soul with ragnarok’s it shattered his soul, matt haughtily fixed and to survive and broke away from medusa not too long ago

normal weapon abilities, black blood

Soul Resonance Abilities: Great death cleaver
Triples in size, purges evil, destroys some of the surrounding area

i am not an artist so i cant draw or get the weapon or human forms for matt

Have You Read the Rules?"A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body."


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