Crystal, the Anti-witch fighter

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Crystal, the Anti-witch fighter

Post by belacuchiha on Mon 30 Sep 2013, 6:52 pm

Theme Song:

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Dragon, Crystal






none, but Kenjimaru is her weapon partner.

Animal Form:
A coy fish.

Love Interest:


She has Brown shoulder length hair, a very mature body *nah-duh, she is 20* and slightly tanned skin. Her eyes are a crystal blue and her attire is a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and black Sketchers.

Soul Description:

a normal soul but purple and scaley

Crystal is a very kind and caring person, but is shy
around new person.  She grew a backbone on her missions with her partner.

History:She left her family as a kid, HATING hurting others.She while in hiding was jumped by a local gang, and was saved by her soon-to-be weapon partner and Husband. He and her went through many adventures, and have achieve turning Kenji into a Death Weapon . Shortly after admitting love to each other, it was revealed to be a witch, *make it worse this was shortly after Medusa's betrayal* She expecting to be killed went to her peers and Lord Death. But Kenji and several other stood up for her, and she was excepted into the DWMA, due to the fact that her power are basically anti-witch. Later on she and Kenj combined their skills with Excalibur and use him whenever on emergency missions. She is now a teacher at the DWMA and will occasionally substitute for Stien if he is out for some reason. Her and Kenji are actually friends with Vernon.


Her spells allow her to delfect almost any witch spell thown at her.
She can shoot her soul wavelength.
She can meld her soul to weapons who are blade themed, (due to experience).
Madness release, she can actually make her body what is the equivalent of walking steel, making it hard to hurt her, luckily she has gained control of this.


is strong and 3 star miester.

Have You Read the Rules?
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

Kenji= some shade of blue
Crystal= some shade of purple
Bev= some shade of green
Jango=somewhere around this shade of brown
Yume=some shade of pink[/color]

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