A House of Sorrow

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A House of Sorrow

Post by Tiggy69 on Sat 28 Sep 2013, 12:56 pm

It was around noon with the sun high in the sky. The heat beating on Shin's back as he walked down the street. He was on a mission...no it was more of an errand than anything. All shin had to do was kill a kishin egg. Not a real problem, especially since his transformation. And to make matters even easier it was a three star mission. It should be a peice of cake.

The kishins power did kind of intrigue Shin though. Powers over emotions just like what Nightmare used to have. Too bad he's been gone for sometime doing god knows what. Shin wasn't worried though. He knew Nightmare could handle himself and would call If he needed help.

Shin noticed a warehouse in the distance. This must be it then. Shin cracks his knuckles and wrists. He then kicks the door. The door flies off its hindges and lands with a loud clang. The warehouse was old and rundown. Hasnt been used in years. It was covered in dust and smelled of mold. Old boxes and crates lay in the corners of the warehouse. "Hey I know you're here come on out," Shin yells to the kishin.

Shin hears some movement deep inside the warehouse. Shin smiles. "Lets get ready to rumble."

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Re: A House of Sorrow

Post by DarkWolfKillZ on Mon 07 Oct 2013, 5:23 pm

Something steps out from behind a stack of old wooden crates.
"Hello sir." Says the girl, dressed in maid clothes and a bonnet. She twindled her fingers behind her back and nervously grinned. Then her eyes reddenedand she tilted her head sideways. Teary eyed she said "Welcome to my pain." With a wild grin stretched from ear to ear, ahe begins to cry. She holds up a vile and a single tear drops in.

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