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Character Log Template Empty Character Log Template

Post by DarkWolfKillZ on Tue 24 Sep 2013, 7:59 pm

Character's Name; Surname, Forename

Quote From Character; "This is a fake quote used as an example."

Character Sheet Link; Examples Character Sheet

Current Topics;
Fake Thread
Example Thread
Cow Says Moo

Completed/Dead Topics;
Fake Dead Thread
Example Dead Thread
Cow Says- Nope, It Died

Character Relationships;
Johnny Appleseed: Tried to approached cow, but the cow bit off his finger.
Jane Doe: While trying to tie a balloon to Johnny's missing finger, cow bit the balloon and swallowed the finger.

Personal Notes/Thoughts:
He is over-eccentric, etc.

Future Plans:
In the end, he becomes a cow.

(Repeat this for all of your characters, or as much as you want, all in one thread. It would be your own personal thread. This way you don't have to create separate threads for each of your characters.)

Hybrid = Default
Shard = Dark Red/Crimson/Satin..........Theme Song; Illuminated by Hurts
Adelaide Tyrian = Purple
Shack = Olive
Hughes = Violet..........Souls = 1
Anna = Dark Green
Carol = White
Jack = Blue Grey

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