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Post by belacuchiha on Tue 24 Sep 2013, 7:53 pm

-Human form picture here
The brawler rouge Silver-haired_anime_guys_1_

-Weapon form picture here
The brawler rouge Corrupted_soul_calibur_by_sinner_xxi-d547mmy

Theme Song:


Gray, Bevolutteur (Bev-o-loot-ee-ur)







Weapon Form:

The brawler rouge Corrupted_soul_calibur_by_sinner_xxi-d547mmy


Genius in battle, VERY durable, and is loyal to those who earn his trust.


He can occasionally get cocky, plus is always running from the law.



Love Interest:
none yet, *hint, hint*


The brawler rouge Silver-haired_anime_guys_1_

Soul Description:

very tough, and gansterish looking, with a hint of finesse.


Rebelious, yet still a gental man.


Bevolutteur (Bev-o-loot-ee-ur) has always hated rules and laws and never has followed them if they got in his way. He was banished from the DWMA and Death City for mutlitple felonies, though he has no sign of madness from these. He now lives killing kishins, like he used to, and still breaks laws he doesn't like, like he used too. He has 79 kishin egg souls and no kishin souls. He also has a pet that he met at the age of 3, a wolf by the name of Hiroshoku, which has black blood, and has eaten several souls of guards that try to arrest Bevolutteur.


Put abilities here

can shoot a ball of his soul wave length, works like a grenade launcher.
When he consumes ANY soul, he gains one ability of that soul

Soul Resonance Abilities:

1st form: Varies depending on the user, usually for one with better training in body than mind gain a power boost, to the point of breaking walls, a person with mind training would gain 100% brain power, being able to use telepathy, understand animals, make physic blasts, and analyze at the power level of the sharangan. 2nd form: person gains the boost they didn't get in the last form. also a speed boost.

Have You Read the Rules?
"A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body."

Kenji= some shade of blue
Crystal= some shade of purple
Bev= some shade of green
Jango=somewhere around this shade of brown
Yume=some shade of pink[/color]

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