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Post by DarkWolfKillZ on Tue 24 Sep 2013, 4:47 pm

Weird Tomatoes will not be Administrating on this site anymore. His abilities and talents we're limited to the point where it was not suitable for an Administrator rank. Occasionally he and I would have disagreements that led to fights. His lack of behavior during those times showed greatly, as well as it had frequently when I would converse with him. Other things I should point out are that of his inappropriate 'comedy'. That consists of creepy sayings that aren't appropriate.

His former job of being the Storyline Administrator proved to me that his story plots were amateur and not captivating even the slightest. The truth is I basically created the Storyline as he just made a bland and dull basis. I changed a lot of it for a more exhilarating series of events. His skills were basic. Weird Tomatoes won't be returning to the site anymore, so all of his character shall be given away. Some I might keep for my own, so I'll post that in the character trading section.


This message is regarding the former Administrator, Weird Tomatoes. He has been banned and is not welcome on this website, yet he continues to create new accounts to try to enter back into this website. He originally was Soulfeaster, but that user was deleted due to issues and he went behind my back and created Weird Tomatoes. I let it slide and he was let off of the hook. Now because of his termination and his forced leave, he is now creating more and more accounts to enter back onto this site. It is extremely obvious to me for several reasons.

After that I decided to IP ban him. Afterwards, he had apparently changed his IP Address and is continuously creating new accounts. Because of this, my family is beginning to become frightened of Weird Tomatoes (his real name is Jesse Wilson) and they are concerned about me and the situation of this person. His determination for such a little thing is horrific. His action are becoming a worry for this website as he is gaining on the label of 'Stalker'. Clearly he does not have anything better to do than to break into a website that consists of innocent tweens and teens.

His most recent character, Soul Destroyer (He now changed it to Soul Destruction), posted this. (By the way, Soul Destroyer sounds like an obvious name to choose because of his former accounts.)

"Hi, I am new to the site and would really love to have The Soul Feaster as my firs character. He is the precise opposite of me and I think it would be fun to use as a first time role player. Please let me know. Also I am a huge fan of TG sequences so a TG witch would be right up my alley. As the thread name says, I am willing to take them all, so please give them to me. It seems like it would be an interesting ride."

This is what he wrote. I know it was him because he used to the e-mail   His name is Jesse J. Wilson in real life.
This action is extremely horrifying as he is pretending to be someone who is not. I cannot stress enough how scared I am now because of how he states that he is a first time roleplayer, he is new to the site, (which are both lies), how he compliments his own work ("He is precise"), how he states that Soul Feaster is the opposite of him (Which he even told me wasnt true before he lost his administrator status) and how he asks to have all of the characters he created with the account 'Weird Tomatoes'.
TG is transgender, which is what Fox's power is. Soul Feaster is the first character he had ever created.

He is now labeled as a Stalker and he is also labeled as a Liar as well as a Creep.

These are not lies, it is exactly what I think describes him. All I wanted was to create a community of fun Soul Eater Roleplaying and now we have a dangerous person on this website. I will try to clear this up as quickly as possible.

And Jesse, if you made a new account and you are reading this, please just leave us alone. You are scaring me and my family is now concerned of your behavior. Your determination to come back on this site proves that you have nothing better to do than to attack this website. My mother made a few comments on your actions as well. Please just leave us alone and everything will be alright.

To all users, if you have any information on Jesse Wilson regarding a new account he made or anything he plans to do, please contact me. It is for the safety of this website...

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